Thursday, September 09, 2010

Lead Me

I heard this song called "Lead Me" on the radio the other day by a band called Sanctus Real. OK, it is slightly corny. But truthfully, you have to give Christian music a free pass on corny if you want to even approach the genre, because if you didn't, there would be nearly nothing left in it. So with the free pass in hand, this song is awesome because it stands for commitment. It stands for family. It stands for a lot of things that many men in this day and age aren't thinking about at all. So I felt it deserved some recognition here; yes, what an honor, I know (sarcasm through and through).

I only know this guy's name is Matt, this singer/songwriter member of Sanctus Real who is speaking this message to the world through his song. But I have a deep respect for him for a couple reasons. When searching for the song on YouTube, I found a video where he explains his inspiration for writing it. He and his wife are featured on the video, giving a fairly vulnerable bit of background on some rocky times they have had. How courageous. But not only is he speaking candidly about his own life, he is exhorting others to stay committed to their marriages, seek God's guidance, and put family first. My favorite bit is at the end, after a sweet montage of photos of he and his family, where he says he regularly asks himself, "What kind of man am I today?" He exemplifies that leadership begins with humility.

Matt clearly has a new found passion for his family and for the Lord, and he is sharing that passion with his listeners. He is using the pain they have experienced in marriage to speak to others who are in pain. He is bravely stepping up into the God-given roles in which he is called to lead. I'm sure he is not a perfect dad nor husband, but pursuing his powerful vision for leading his family is a pretty darn good place to start.

The song and interview are both awesome. If you're a guy, I hope you feel inspired. If you're not a guy, you may get a little misty-eyed....if not during the first verse, then for sure during the second. I'm just saying.

The embedding is disabled on the story behind the song, so you can click here to watch it on YouTube.

The song and lyrics are below. Sanctus Real dude, Matt, you rock.

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