Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Did you swap? I did.

Did you guys participate in CaseyDanielle, and Alycia's New Year's Swap?

Well, if not, too bad so sad for you.

Because I did, and I met Stephanie from Just a Little Bit Louder. Out of the 300 participants, we got matched up.

She is super cute! We were not swapping anything particular. You just had to find out what your person likes and then send them a package.

Yesterday, I got this in the mail. Oh how fun to get such happy mail treats!!

First of all, she sent me two of these. Necklaces handmade by women in Uganda.

AHHH! I love them. Not only are they adorable and stylish, but they are supporting someone's livelihood. One is a natural color, and the other is multi, which, she noted, was for my daughter. How SWEET is that? Well, I may just hold off a few days before I tell said 9-year old. I want to wear them first. I'm so mean! Act not surprised, okay?

Next, she sent me the sweetest little tea set - a pot and two little cups with owlies on them! That's because I told her I like owls and because she is very thoughtful. :) Look at this darling thing.

Finally (yes! the gifts kept coming out of that box!), the thing that meant the most to me was this book.

It is by Madeline L'Engle, an author we BOTH really adore. Well, little did I know that L'Engle wrote this daily devotional. ON GRACE. I totally needed this and didn't even know it. Right? So perfect, Stephanie!! I can't wait to get into this thing. In fact, I wish it was still January 1st so I could start at the beginning. (For those of you thinking, "Well, you could still start at the beginning and no one will care," to you I say, "You must be new." I could not read pages for days that are in the past. That's weird.)

So thank you Stephanie times a million. If I lived in way-up-northern-USA-freezing-land like you do, I'd come give you a big, giant hug. In my parka.

And thank you Casey, Danielle, and Alycia for hosting fun times!




  1. Looks like you received some nice goodies! This gift exchange was so much fun!! I've loved getting to "stumble upon" blogs that I may not have come across other wise!

    I'm your newest follower. :)


  2. That owl cup/mug is the cutest! My friend collects owls and I could totally see something like this in her collection! I love unique vintage pieces like that! Looks like you had a really nice gift exchange!!

  3. I'm just like you, I could not start with January first either. That would just not work :)

    And what a fun treat to get in the mail, those necklaces are beautiful! Enjoy wearing your daughters before she gets it, I would do the same thing!

  4. "you must be new"... best line ever :)

    i'm the same, except i would read all of january in one day to catch up. then it would be ok.

  5. What a perfect gift!! So thoughtful and sentimental!

  6. What a thoughtful, sweet package that she sent you! I love those bracelets & what they represent. :)

    We had so much fun participating in the gift exchange...we actually swapped with Samantha who already left a comment above! We're happy to have found some new blogs along the way too. Now following yours!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings