Saturday, January 12, 2013

Instagram week in review {& a winner!}

Here are a few highs and lows of our week past...

This explains itself. Commence weeping in the car.

Finally took these friends down and began to de-Christmas. Don't worry guys, it's only 11 more months until we see each other again.

Here is a tragic tale in three parts.
Part 1. My son enjoys our tree swing in the front yard.
Part 2. Some meanie cuts down our tree swing the day after the above picture was taken with no warning, no note, no reason.

Part 3. My son hides in his teepee and cries his eyes out.

Despite that "pit" of our week, my husband is a bright spot.
On a weekday, we had a breakfast date at noon, and then hit the shooting range together. (I have some surprises in me, people.)  New opportunities in our lives are unfolding around us. God has good plans for us, this I know. I'll share them when we He shares them with us, promise. 
And as for the winner of the Katygirl Designs giveaway,
it was comment #61, "grace."

Email me, Grace, and I'll connect you with Katy, or you can contact her directly. I know you follow her blog too. :)

Next week, my cute guy above turns the big 4-0. I can't wait to update you on other big news in his life, and tell you about an exciting giveaway I am going to do in honor of him. So stay tuned, party people.

Have a great rest of the weekend.



  1. Oh that is so sad about your swing :( I don't understand people sometimes

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  3. #1, I'm assuming you liked the movie :) After seeing it, I woke up the next day with 4 songs in my head!
    #2, Such a bittersweet chore :(
    #3, How rude :(
    #4, What an amazing time for your family!
    #5, That's me!! I'll let Katy know :)

  4. awesome pictures!! thats exciting that your husband is reaching a milestone birthday soon. I hope he has a great day next week and that he feels loved and celebrated!


  5. why on earth would someone cut the swing down?? what is wrong with people? poor little buddy. that teepee is awesome though, i love it! oh, that big birthday is coming up for me next year...not ready for all that! yikes, have a great weekend, Leslie!

  6. so sad about the swing. :/
    big fat meanies!
    can't wait to hear your news...are you moving to wisconsin!?! ;)