Monday, March 31, 2014

1 year.

Last year, on this exact day, our family rolled into the state of Montana pulling a small U-Haul behind my Volvo wagon.

The four of us plus our blind, elderly wiener dog, set up camp in a hotel until our moving truck arrived two weeks later. There was a large deer mount above the fireplace, and biscuits and gravy were part of the daily breakfast offerings. It was the first time I've ever stayed anywhere with the pool indoors. Snow was still on the ground.

A couple weeks ago, a friend gave me this necklace. The word "home" is etched into the state. Moving has caused me to reflect a lot on what "home" really means. I even wrote about it here, not long ago, after our first trip back to California.

Funny that this anniversary is falling immediately after my trip this past weekend to Hope Spoken. I'm not exaggerating when I say that being among so many Godly and inspiring women felt a bit heavenly. More than a couple people mentioned on social media that being at the conference was like a slice of heaven. They guessed it was a glimpse of what it might be like.

On the plane home from Texas last night, I reflected on the fact that being surrounded by God's family - His redeemed ones - may feel more like home to me than any city on this planet does. It's strange, experiencing true fellowship. I have this theory that the Holy Spirit in me recognizes Himself in others, there is an unquestionable connection, and it feels different from any other type of relationship. It's palpable. Supernatural. Eternal.

If I never see any of those women again, I somehow know that one day when we are all in the presence of God, we'll pick right back up where we left off. We'll all sit together, chatting, eating some amazing lunch, laughing, and worshipping the Lamb who sits on the throne, just like we did all weekend long. But instead of sitting on conference chairs in an aging Doubletree hotel in an industrial part of Dallas, we'll be lounging in paradise in the physical presence of Jesus.

This first year living in Montana has flown by so quickly. I can't even believe it. But to think of eternity...forever with His redeemed's difficult to comprehend. I'm sure we won't be ticking off the years being home one by one. More like millennium by millennium.

Forever with God's people. I'm so thankful we have a chance at this.

California or Montana or anywhere else, better is one day in God's house than thousands elsewhere (Psalm 84:10).

I have many, many more things to share from Hope Spoken and the amazing ways I witnessed God at work last weekend, so stay tuned. And if you are a Facebook user, you can now follow my new Unfolding Blog Facebook page by clicking the button up above for updates. Much love.



  1. I absolutely adore that line- that the Holy Spirit in you recognizes the Holy Spirit in others. What a beautiful picture.

  2. I love hearing how amazing the Hope Spoken conference was. I am so hoping to be able to join next year :)

  3. Happy 1 Year Anniversary! I agree that being with His redeemed ones feels more like home than anywhere.
    Some of my FAVORITE words come from Henry Nowen's book "Reaching Out." I think you'll love them too-
    "When I look at you it is as if I am in the presence of Christ... It is the Christ in you who recognizes the Christ in me...Yes, He indeed is in our midst.. and from now on, wherever you go, or I go, all the ground between us will be holy ground." It really is the MOST DELICIOUS when The Jesus in me recognizes Jesus in someone else. THE MOST DELICIOUS! I'm actually intentional to seek that out relationally. Oh I have seen SO MUCH OF HIM.
    Rejoicing in the "holy ground" that resides between you and the women at Hope Spoken, between you and so many in Cali, between you and many via the internet! May God continue to be glorified.. I know He will be- that's His way!

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog through Farmgirl Paints who went to Hope Spoken where I found your link. And I just HAD to tell ya that this California girl + husband + four boys also made a big move to Montana about 4 years ago & God knows exactly what he's doing. Wondering if you are anywhere near the Flathead Valley. Thinking about this IF Gathering...