Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The birds are singing

I have been seriously under the weather. You know that feeling of being so focused on what is wrong with your physical body that all else blurs into the background of life? Suddenly everything else is forgotten. My blog, the birthday party this Friday for my daughter, the dishes, classroom responsibilities, my clothes on the floor....everything just disappeared for a few days.

This morning is the moment I turned a corner, woke up and felt *better*! I looked at my son and was happy to see him...I mean really see him. I recognized him again in all his simultaneous independent beauty and need of me. I remembered my emotion over my daughter turning eight, looking so big, speaking so maturely and leaving me a little bit more every day. And I kept hearing the birds twittering outside in the backyard. They are so loud today.

While I was getting ready, my son asked me these questions. As I brushed my hair forward, he said, "Are you combing your face?" No. Then he picked up a Q-tip and said, "Can I put this in your nose?" No. Then he said, "Why are the birds singing?" I had an answer for that one. "Because they have a song in their hearts."

Today, me too. Thank you Lord for lifting that veil of cloudiness and giving me clarity and joy and strength today.

I hope you too have joy in your heart today and get a chance to listen to the song outside, in whatever way it comes. Giggles, chirps, raindrops...it's all there to remind us of our good, good Lord. We are His audience, as He demonstrates that all things He has made long to praise Him.

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