Wednesday, June 02, 2010

May, May go away...

Oh good, you did.

Good-bye, May. I will be happy to wait eleven more months to see you again (I think it may take me that long to recover). That end of two baseball team seasons - two kids' birthdays - mother's day - end of year school reports - and trip to Disneyland - month of extravaganzas is finally over and I can breathe again. And write again. I've been anxious to write this month, since my time has been so limited; so many posts have been swirling around in my head, I'm sure most of them are lost by now. But in my brief moments today before I go to the grocery store, I had to post this.

Today's "Serious Wednesday" post on the blog Stuff Christians Like is very funny and very well put. I hope you enjoy it too. Click below.

Stuff Christians Like #784: Worrying too much about trends.

Some of my own words (perhaps on my aversion to spending hours at time constructing things with Legos) will be coming soon. Promise.

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