Thursday, November 04, 2010

Where I will be this weekend

Did you know that God is super creative? Of course you did. We can see it all around us, though we may not think literally of His creativity as an aspect of His nature. But it is. And since we are created in His image, I believe that each of us has the capacity for creativity. Not all of us are comfortable with it, or have been encouraged in our capacity. But we all have a measure of creativity.

I have to get mine out. I have to express myself both in writing and in creating things or else I start to feel suffocated by life. My main goal with both writing and creating - in any respect - is to reflect something of the divine. I'm not saying sewing a pillow is a holy act, but there is something in the process that reveals a glimpse of God's nature. He loves to create and surround us with beauty. And He's given me some of that passion and thrill in creating something with my own two hands. I'm so thankful for His example, the ways in which He's created me, and the satisfaction He gives me when I am doing what I was created to do.

And I am thankful for Tidbit.

Tidbit is a blessing and an outlet for me, just like this blog is. In it, I mingle with a bit of the divine and that is simply fun.

We will be appearing at two Christmas Boutiques this weekend and I share all about them here
(click to see the awesome photo collages my partner-in-everything Tidbit, Shauna, created, offering a great sneak peek at our wares.)

If you live in the Orange County area, come visit us!

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  1. Wow, I love this post. I love how you said you create to reflect something of the divine. How profound! I also love to create as an expression of love for God, and to draw nearer to Him. This is one of my FAVORITE talks on creativity. It is by President Uchtdorf (a leader in the LDS church). I was so touched by your comment, I wanted to share it with you! Here it is: (I couldn't make a link so you might just have to copy-paste :)),4945,285-1-54-31,00.html