Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Deck the halls with chicken nuggets

Oh, this lovely season is flying by so quickly, it seems.

Because of our trip to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, we put our tree up a bit later than usual. But now, the house is cozy and festive and ready for fun.

Notice I didn't say warm. It's warm if I have the heat on, slippers on, and a blanket around me on the couch.

Is it such a crime that I'm ready for my flip flops again?! (Leave me alone you-I-win-because-I-live-in-a-colder-place people. I'm a native. I'm a baby about the cold, and my body knows no different.)

Here are a few of my favorite things in my house right now (besides the peeps).

I was happy with how this wreath turned out....tinsel, book pages, fabric scraps and an old necktie I found at Goodwill. Felt birdies from Target completed it. Oh, sad. You can't see the teal one on top.

This year, it was disappointing to us all that we didn't have room in the budget for taking wish tags off the tree at church. (You know, where you buy a gift for someone needy in the community.) We've done that every year I think forever. So last week, while we were out about town, the kids and I came across this bank for $5. It's special because the lid keeps a running total on a digital screen for every coin inserted. We decided it needed to become our Christmas wish tree fund.

We collected loose change from all parts of the house and are already up over $12. Next Christmas, we are so excited to use that money to purchase as many gifts as we can for those in need.

I made these Christmas tree throw pillows out of $3 cloth napkins from Cost Plus the other day. I was so lazy; there was NO cutting and NO pinning involved. I ripped strips of black fabric for the ruffle and then jammed it into the machine as I sewed. They actually look pretty decent for the level of effort I put in!

I'm excited to do these houses with the kids next week.

Usually I'm anti-gingerbread house. Full on. However, the architecture of these seems to promise more stability, which means less stress for me. I have issues. You know that. And apparently, so does Trader Joe's. They get me.

Oh. And as for my post title, I have to say, I'm so swamped right now that what would I do without frozen chicken nuggets in the shape of Mickey Mouse heads in my freezer for a last minute dinner for the kids? Yes, that is happening and I'm not feeling guilty. And thank you so much ABC Family channel for providing a near constant stream of Christmas shows for those moments when I just want to finish the project that I'm on!!

They get me right now, Trader's, the Mickey chicken maker, and ABC Family channel.

They are helping me stave off what Meg likes to call Christmas Crash and Burn, or CCB for short. Which I love. (I don't love to crash and burn. I just love the name for it. It's so perfect.)

So what are you depending on right now for the preservation of your pre-Christmas sanity?

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  1. I was just thanking the family channel while my sick kiddo and I watch a movie at 10 p.m. The pillows look great.

  2. HAHAHA the chicken nugget part definitely made me LOL.
    Your home looks so festive! Love the pillows! :)

  3. We're heading out the door to the kids church Christmas party but I JUST heard your voicemail on my phone. You said it was Sunday...but what Sunday did you call?! Im so sad that I missed you. Ive been thinking about you alot and wishing we were closer.
    That beautiful home of yours? Totally envious of it all. Love your colors.
    As for the bag, Ive never made one in that style so Im not sure what questions you have. Id love to try to help you figure it out. I know just what one you're talking about. And yes...we're also big AG fans here:)
    Have a lovely week!

  4. I love this, and certainly want to above CCB syndrome!

    To do that we've said no to lots of extra things (even projects I'd like to do), and we're finding every Christmas themed program on netflix and just in general slowing down. I'm grateful for Annie's Mac and Cheese to keep them all fed :)

    oh, and unlike you...we're wishing hard for snow! :)

  5. i say whatever it takes to get through this crazy time of year! some days it takes a lot more than others, some days much less, right? i love your wreath and your pillows ans i just wish i could sleep for a few days after the CCB...wouldn't that be nice? had to laugh about the flip flops...it is so unusual for us that we have not had a hard snow yet and it is mid-december, yet i am already dreaming of summer and sunny skies. : ) thanks for coffee, Leslie-or mickey mouse chicken nuggets!

  6. Love love your decor. As well as the wonderful insight you share on Casey's blog. Thank you! Excited to follow!
    <3, Jill