Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's a problem for me that the donut shop is next door to a women's gym.

Dear ladies entering the gym:

You are squelching my Christmas spirit.

Because I'm in my PJ's taking kids to get donuts in their PJ's. Isn't that what winter break is all about?

{early morning light and my lame camera require stillness for clear pictures. which is a little too much to ask.}


And Jesus.
{In order of increasing importance.}

Did you see working out on the list? It's not on there.
{I bet you also use "XMAS."}

{If you are getting to work out over Christmas break, I'm actually just a little envious. And lazy. But there's always 2012!!}

Dear donut shop owner:
 You need to relocate.

Stay tuned for a post later, where I attempt to make a snowglobe with this little friend. It will probably appear here, since Shauna and I are doing this fun Christmas break project together!



  1. Donuts are always good, but I think a better location sounds like a pretty good idea. I'd feel the same way :)

    Can't wait to see your project!

  2. 'xmas' actually isn't as bad as some think:

    enlightening! merry Christmas, leslie. : )

  3. well he's targeting the right crowd... i read a statistic one time that said 70% of women work out to be able to eat more. do a jog, eat a donut. makes sense to me! :)

  4. haaaaaaaaaahahah this cracked me up. all of it.

  5. this totally made me laugh! i think the same thing - at our YMCA there is a little cafe bar right near the entrance. sometimes they have just made popcorn and I can smell it as I am (supposed to be) walking to my workout. seriously!? its just cruel. I may or may have not stopped to get a snack a few times. and we're not talking an apple here. :/ by gosh...ENJOY YOUR DONUTS!! it IS Christmas break!!! :)