Saturday, July 07, 2012

Summer on Insta, oh the love!

Isn't summer the best? It's seriously my favorite. I know I told you that already.

Every week (and it's only been 2) I have bunches of sweet memories. Here are the latest....via Instagram.

One item on our summer list is to memorize 5 verses together. This was number 1. The kids learned it faster than I did. Of course. Psalm 12:26 from the NIrV version for early readers, the version I love best for smallish kids.

It's not long before they cream me. And I'm really good. Look, she's about to drop it like it's hot on the Triple Word Score.

The outdoor art station is going strong. We found these wooden paintable snack trays at Hobby Lobby, which are perfect for breakfasty snacks out there. (Yes, 50% of my kids hate hot chocolate and drink tea instead. From his Lego mug.) 

I enlisted some pajamaed staffers on my assembly line for Project Hope. We made 100 of these cards (below) for Laura and the handmade memory boxes she is making to give to hospitals for mommies who have lost their babies. Just like she did.

It was a bit heartbreaking for me. The ziploc is to hold a lock of a child's hair. I prayed for each mother as I held her card, clipped threads, and rounded corners.

And as for some frivolous stuff, here I am at Sonic at 9:00 pm, feeding my kids dinner in the car. Because sometimes that's how it has to go down. And that sometimes is because they are stuck in theater rehearsal for way too long. Mother-of-the-year candidate status gaining ground. And I don't even really care because it's s-u-m-m-e-r. It's like my kids and I are in a secret club, and it's a little thrilling, feeling like we're getting away with something, I think. Having slushies and fries in the backseat two hours past bedtime. (I would have never tried this when my kids were smaller, mind you. But if you have littles, know there is a light at the end of that tunnel...)

I am doing my best Merida impression here because we saw Brave. I really liked it, and so did the kids. Though I don't think it made them want to go lay in bed and cry themselves to sleep over the mother-daughter issues it raises. Just kidding. Or not.

And here's a little sneak peak at a photo shoot (where I pretended I was a model: "Are the rest of you guys smiling or serious? How should I have my face?") for Allora Handmade! I'm sure more pics will be appearing soon on her blog and in her shop.

Top left: me sporting fake eyelashes for the first time. Yessss. I could get used to looking that ladyish.
Top right: Julie and I in orbs of heavenly light because we're sort of angelic.
Bottom left: Jacqui and I also glowing. Probably because our necklaces are radiantly lovely. I also want to make every single thing on her blog.
Bottom right: Julie with a big, beautiful smile because her hair does not have Clear in it.

Well friends, I just downloaded this brand spankin' new album from Hillsong and I'm going to go listen to it! Have a great weekend!



  1. you guys looked so pretty in that photoshoot, i loved seeing those pix on instagram, how fun. we just saw brave too and i really liked it...loved seeing a different kind of princess! and i so get the not-so-little kids thing Leslie and how fun it can be...letting them stay up late and not rushing them off to bed every night because they drive you so crazy...i mean they do drive me crazy but i also really love hanging out with them and getting to do fun stuff we usually don't do together!!
    ps--still on the look out for battleship for you : )

  2. i love catching up on your updates, leslie. you are more inspiring than you'll ever know!

  3. Love this little glimpse of your summer!

    I seriously had a package of fake lashes in my cart at wal mart just the other day, I felt frivolous and put them away :) now I think I'm gonna grab some anyway!