Saturday, August 11, 2012

11 photos for the 11th

I always miss 10 on 10. And Insta-Friday. Whatevs. I'm making my own game today.

11 on 11. Innovation is what that is called.

Here are some Instagram pics from the past week...

Last weekend, we had a date night. Kevin and I have been married 15 years this month. NBD.

15 years = That's amore, peeps.

We tried a new restaurant and went to see Andrea star in a play. We love any excuse to get out the theater, and her performance was amazing! So glad we were able to go and cheer her on. Love her. Check out her blog. She is the coolest.

Here is where I try a new packing system. Perfect for boys who only wear shirts and shorts and don't care what I pick. For big girls, who do care, and who wear twelve accessories, hair things, and various mix and match outfits, it doesn't work so well. 

I cleaned out my makeup bag for the first time in probably 5 years. Wow. A little overdue. Now it looks great and there are not crumbles of things covering everything else.

I am loving how my Allora Handmade mini rosies necklace looks with this dress. It's so matchy! (Did you know I can now be seen wearing some of these pretty things on the Allora shop site? Like here, wearing the larger version of this guy. And here.)

At lunch the other day, I thought I'd better start getting the kids' brains awake for back to school season. So I quizzed them on the difference between fact and opinion over burgers. Just making the most of my surroundings. (My son said he didn't like to eat there because they are such braggers. I thought it was a good point.)

This year we planted veggies. These sugar snap peas are our first fruits. The kids munched them all before breakfast.

Some evil visitors called the tomato horned worm caused  me to be out in the yard with a headlamp and worm killer at midnight. Because I mean business and those worms are destructive little jerks. (Don't freak out. I used the safe stuff.)

Can I just tell you for the hundredth time how happy No-Heat Curls make me? I revere this trick so much I capitalized the name, did you catch that? For a girl who's lived with straight, lifeless hair her whole life and hates to spend 30 minutes using some kind of iron to make it look like I tried, it is dream come true for a couple days.

And finally, here's my girl being cute. We were looking at shoes and she said, "These are totes me!" It was the first time she's said "totes" in place of "totally." I laughed, and then took a picture of her silly (and big girlish) self.

Have a totes good weekend, pals.



  1. I always miss 10 on 10 :( but thanks to you today I'll be doing 11 on 11 :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! We also will celebrate 15 on 10/11!!

    Enjoy your school year! Happy Fall to you and your family!

  3. So I always miss 10 on 10 too, maybe I can do 16 on 16? Maybe that's too many pictures :)

    I love your packing system for your son, I have two kids going to summer camp next week....this may not be a bad idea for a boy who could probably wear the same clothes all week if he was allowed to.

    Happy anniversary as well, we just marked 13 years....and it's flown by.

    And...your girl is super cute and has great taste in shoes!

  4. happy anniversary!

    i gave my kids a back to school quiz last night during our "back to school/end of summer" family date night (most of hte questions were for noah who is going to high school on monday).
    who has been your favorite teacher k-8?
    what has been your favorite thing about home schooling?
    what will you miss most about home schooling?
    and so on...
    there was only one right answer for all my questions- "mommy!"