Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thanks-living through August {a linky}

We've had some great times this month, truly. Yesterday, I told you a bit about Hawaii, and how I went in the water, changing pace from being the not-so-fun mom. But there were other great moments too.

Both my kids performed in, I think, SEVEN showings of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at a local theater. That spanned our whole summer, actually, and was so much fun! Despite the look on my son's face at this moment, they both loved it.

Also, Kevin and I celebrated our 15th anniversary on the 8th. I'm so thankful for the ways the Lord has carried us through those years. At times, it has not been an easy road for us, and it is God alone who helped us weather those storms. We had a date night in Hawaii, where we went to a nice dinner and came up with 15 stand-out memories from our 15 years. It was great to walk through the years, chronologically, laughing and groaning over some of the times we've shared. Obviously, we remembered different things, and even remembered things in different ways.

But as I sit here and reflect on the month past...what I'm most grateful for...I'm finding it's the promise of change. 

That sounds weird. Most people, including me, don't like change.  But believe me when I say we've needed it. Don't you ever feel like life can become a stuffy attic that is just begging for a fresh breeze to blow through? Well, that's where we've been, circumstantially speaking, for a while now. I see the Lord at work, ready to breathe some fresh air into our lives. Ready to stir things up a bit and require us to trust Him.

In my younger years, I was much more afraid of change. But now, I guess I've learned that I'm not the boss, and if I were, I'd make a mess of our lives. I've learned that life is best when we follow God's lead. So when I see Him start to move, I get a little excited. My brain tries to wedge itself in and have a say in things; I'm tempted to take control and start feeling fearful. But my heart knows whom I want and need to follow. 

So as we wrap up our summer over here (school starts next week, after Labor Day), we're fitting in the last of the beach days and use of the outdoor art station. I've really loved our summer. I will miss my kids when they're in school. I will.

But I'm excited for a new season. Could it be that God is planning to change things up in our season of life just as the natural season rolls into Fall? Just as the breeze picks up and change is visible all around us? It sounds like Him, to give us a parable of His work right as it's taking place. I'm thankful that in nature, and in spirit, the Lord does not let us stagnate. He is good, so I can trust Him. 

What about you?




  1. happy 15th.

    change is hard. i don't adjust well (i blame my childhood and the constant change that occurred). always seems when there is change that some of what needs to die in me is brought to light. like autumn, there has to be a dropping of leaves to make room for winter and then SPRING. change is so hard, but i do LOVE SPRING.

    May God go before you, beside you and behind you through the changes (i know He does and will), and may you KNOW His Spirit and follow His leading through it. Amen.

  2. happy late anniversary! love your new link-up and the trip to Hawaii. looks so beautiful and such a sweeeet time. :)

  3. happy anniversary. I don't "know" you in real life but I have a feeling I could learn A LOT from you about marriage & family. also, I am stealing that idea of choosing 15 memories that stand out, such a sweet idea. On our last anniversary (4 years) we bet on how many kids we would have in the next 4 years. lol!

  4. there is something wonderfully refreshing about change, and I think sometimes God uses changes in the world around us to reflect what he is doing inside of us. He is good! and He will lead you just the right way to just the right thing he has in this new season for you.