Friday, December 07, 2012

A quick homemade gift & some biz-nass

This is my new favorite, easy, homemade gift idea, particularly for teachers, neighbors, babysitters, and perhaps even the mail lady.
STEP 1. Save your egg cartons when you run out of eggs.
STEP 2. Bake some mini muffins or cupcakes. (Mine are made from the Trader Joe's boxed pumpkin bread mix with mini chocolate chips and chopped walnuts added. If you don't like nuts in cookies and bread products, then I fundamentally don't see where you're coming from.)
STEP 3. Trace the top of the egg carton onto cute paper. Cut it out, and glue on top. Write a nice note and maybe add an owl sticker.
STEP 4. Put the treats in the egg carton cubbies. After they're cooled, of course. (Look how snuggly they are.)

STEP 5. Tie something cute around the boxes. My heart belongs to torn strips of fabric because I'm lazy and can't seem to cut in a straight line ever.

Whom do you know that would not like a dozen treats wrapped up like this as a present? No one, I tell you.
And technically this was something from Pinterest, but I copied my friend who saw it there, so I can't give due credit. If you happen to be the first person on earth who thought of this and put it on Pinterest, here is your official thank you. You're a genius and the world is a better place for it.
And I have two other business things to say. One, if you have been participating in the online version of 101 Wednesdays, I wanted to invite you to email me so I can add you to the email distribution for the homework questions. I was finding it was too much work to repost weekly what is going on in the study. But I want you to still join us. Just via email instead of through the posts. Will you send me your email address so you can keep studying the basics with us? 
Secondly, I'm closing up shop for the rest of the month and so I'm offering a special sale code from today until Monday. It's your last chance to snatch up your favorites. Enter HIBERNATE30 at check out.

Thanks for all your support of my little etsy shop this year, friends. I really appreciate it all your encouragement and feedback.
Have a happy weekend and Part 2 of the Preparing Him Room series continues next week.
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  1. GENIUS! And I am now regretting all the egg cartons I sent off to recycling. And we have fundamental issues but I hope we can still be friends. #nonuts Thanks for linking up, lady! I love this post.

  2. What a great idea! I will have to try these...or some form of them. Im with Jessica:)