Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rethinking Blogging for 2013

There are only three more days left in this year.

And as such, it feels like a good time to rethink what I'm doing here. Recast my vision. Remember why blogging is worth it.

If you are a part of this blog community, particularly those of us connected by our faith in Jesus, I thought maybe you'd like to do that with me as well. What do you say? Here are a few things I personally would like to recommit to for 2013.

1. This year, I will honor my own voice.

I will not try to imitate or idolize another blogger for her writing style or voice. Instead, I will continue to practice my own, asking God to show me how mine is unique (and why it's mine).

2. This year, I will not blog out of what I do not have.

Being spiritually filled up, for me, is a prerequisite for blogging. I have nothing to offer anyone else if I am empty myself. That means if I have time to blog and I have not spent time in the Word or talked to God that day yet, then a quiet time comes first.

3. This year, I will be ready to walk away at any moment.

I will remember that this space belongs to the Lord, as do all my resources, talents, and treasures. If ever He asks me to step away from blogging, for any reason, I resolve to be ready to obey without complaint. The minute I hesitate to follow His lead if He leads me away from blogging, I make blogging MY work and not HIS.

4. This year, I will not compare.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's blog, nor her followers, advertisers, photography, etc. I have my own place, my own, God-given sphere of influence for purposes decided by God. Isn't that enough? I will honor the position He has given me, whether it be highly visible or not, with contentment.

5. This year, I will stand up for truth.

Some very shady theology is out there, my friends. It is on our shoulders to know, to stand for, and clearly communicate the truths of God's Word. As much as I can, I commit my blog to being an unapologetic, reliable source of truth.

6. This year, I will be honest with my story.

The Lord has given me a story, a testimony if you will, for His glory. I commit to sharing chapters of that story as it unfolds with honesty, humility, and wise judgement when it comes to others.  

6. This year, I will keep the Gospel at the center.

There is a bottom line for me in blogging. It's not profit. It's not fame. It's sharing the gospel to a hurting and hungry world. That doesn't mean I can't throw in a silly post now and again. But above all, I want a follower of my blog to find JESUS here.

A friend recently phrased it as "life-giving." For 2013, I pray God will use my words in this space for life-giving work. I pray our conversations are life-giving for both of us. And I pray we all grow in our desire to share life-giving words to each other.

Enough of our days can fall under the category of life-draining. Pretty much all of my responsibilities and relationships can feel like they are life-draining at times (I think this is the usual plight of a mother). Even blogs can feel life-draining. Haven't you read blogs before where you click away feeling worse than you did before reading it? A lack of grace, complaining, gossip, or just an airbrushed feel are a few characteristics I've observed online that tend to drain me as a reader. It's one thing to feel convicted by the Holy Spirit after reading someone's post. Even that can be life-giving. It's another thing to feel flat-out drained or discouraged.

If you'd like to commit to these simple statements above in 2013 with me, would you quickly say so in a comment? I think it will help to feel that we are a community standing together. And if you have another resolution, please include that too. I'm sure I didn't cover every important thing.

Rethink with me, so we can step out onto the 2013 blogosphere battlefield with purpose, vision, and love.




  1. Yes, Leslie, and amen. I will practice these God-honoring ideas in 2013.

  2. Great post !!!!

    (P.S.: Where is this wonderful calender from ?)

    Dearest greetings from Lehrte near Hannover /Germany

  3. This is a noteworthy list Leslie. I look forward to all that you will pour out in the new year:)

  4. Love these girl. I want them for my goals too. Oh and I have definitely felt the way you described after reading blogs. I pray I never make anyone's stomachs hurt after they've been to my "place".

  5. i'm in! I'm in! I'M IN!!!
    love this and i agree 100%!

  6. 2013-Clarity. Truth. Individuality. Honesty. Bring it all:) Love you!

  7. What a wonderful list to begin the New Year with. I hope my blog combines realness with hope and your goals fall right in line with that. Love it!

  8. This is an amazing post. Thank you for being so bold in your promises to the Lord regarding your life, your faith, and your blogging. I'll join you!


  9. Wonderfully written as always! I'm ready to use our blogs for God's Glory! Amen sister:) xoxoxo Happy New Year sweet friend!

  10. love it, love it, love it!!
    i'm in! :)

  11. This is why I love your blog! This list is so great! So much good stuff to think about and strive for! Thank you!

  12. Thank you. I was just praying last night about how God would have me blog in 2013. He's given me a list (some of the items are the same as yours.) It is all about Him and what He purposes us to share. Thank you for the pep talk!

  13. a big fat "like", no, better yet - love. Praise Him!

  14. Leslie, I love this. Thank you. I shall cherish your thoughts and the message God writes on my heart from reading them as the year passes. What a beautiful way to start the new year!

  15. What a great post :) thank you so much for sharing, your writing is a gift and its definitely one of the ways God is working through you. <3 liisa

  16. You know I'm in, friend! Let's point to Jesus this year.

  17. Yes! Me too, I am reminded a lot lately of my resource of time, and God has given it to me as a gift. I must spend my blogging time wisely!

  18. I have been struggling...wrestling really...with so many of these things! Time for me to re-think my blog. So glad The Lord led me to this post tonight!! New follower here!

  19. I happened upon your blog and this really spoke to me. Thank you!

  20. I found your blog via Casey Wiegand's blog. This is a well written post with some great blog resolutions! I like what you are doing with your space. I believe society has gotten to far away from God and faith. One of my new years resolution is to try and share my faith with others instead of shying away from it.

  21. Just discovered your blog this afternoon through Casey Wiegand. I will definitely be following along this year. I love your list here, and I'd like to commit to the list, as well. Thank you for this encouragement and inspiration. I look forward to connecting more throughout the year.
    P.S. I also enjoyed your one word post. I chose further this year, and I'm excited to see where the Lord takes me. :)

  22. I'm with you! Thanks for putting this together, I so appreciate it!

  23. Girl... Thanks for this! Yes, yes and yes!

  24. This is so my heart for 2013. Something I've set as a goal is to start the day with Him first, and engage in His devo and day at a time not looking at my past failures or future failures....just one Devo and day at a time :).
    Thanks for this, will save it!

  25. Yes! Most definitely!
    What you said resonates with my spirit.
    I have just started blogging this year and I'll use these tips when I write my posts.
    Thanks so much!

  26. Wonderfully put! I've been struggling with discerning the Lord's purpose for my blog, and this helps! I'm in!

  27. you're the bomb. seriously. love you.

  28. can you whisper this into my ear every blogging day. i need the daily reminder. :-)