Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How moving is sort of like childbirth


Let me introduce you to my recently dubbed "moving jeans." They are, or used to be, cute skinny jeans, but are now so thrashed that they are super comfy for working around the house. I have lost track of the number of days I have worn these in a row. I have also fashionably paired them with either my Mumford & Sons concert tee as seen above (because it's comforting to know those guys are helping me pack), or a recent purchase from the men's department in Target, a bright green Guinness tee. I myself can't stand beer, but my husband digs Guinness. I just dig green. This has been my uniform and so I can't exit the car at school during drop off or pick up because someone might spy this ensemble being repeated a socially unacceptable number of times in a row.

Moving is like childbirth because you conveniently forget how horrible it is when it is happening. And because you don't really remember what it's like, you decide to do it again and again.

Well, I guess it's not the forgetting, exactly, that makes you want to move again or have another baby. It's the remembering of all the good reasons you chose it in the first place. The good just far overshadows the horrible process you have to go through to get there. And so our polarized memories tell us, "It wasn't that bad," when, yeah, it totally absolutely was. I remember a few weeks ago telling my husband, "Moving won't be bad at all! We don't have that much stuff." Well guess what. I was very, very wrong. In reality, it's sort of appalling at how much stuff we have. I've never moved with kids before, so unearthing all the stuff that my kids alone have has been dizzying in an of itself.

Moving is not my favorite because chaos is not my favorite. Having every surface strewn with random junk that doesn't fit into any category of box is the definition of chaos, I think. And the thought that every box that gets packed also has to get UNPACKED down the line.....I can't even think about that yet. It has been a blurry, dusty past week.

What I want to think about is the good that will eventually overshadow this tedious packing ordeal. I know in my mind that the fruit of this labor will be so sweet that one day, the labor will seem as nothing at all. Totally insignificant. That's what fixing our eyes on Jesus means, I believe. The places He brings us are sometimes at the end of harrowing, difficult roads. But the rewards at the end are so satisfying that the road and it's troubles are quickly forgotten.

But for now, I'm treating myself to make it through. Girl Scout cookies. Lots and lots of iced tea. And today, an amazing new album by Penny and Sparrow on repeat.

And before I head to bed, I wanted to thank you for all your kind words on my last post regarding our move. I am so grateful for your prayers, and your words of encouragement mean so much. Seriously, every single word. Thank you friends. My struggles through this time of transition are being eased by your generous kindness. I'd give you each a big hug if I could.



  1. moving is a very slow process!! but your almost there:)

  2. yes, it's amazing how much stuff you find when you have to move! it's kinda crazy. i too have a pair of jeans that are so ripped up but so comfortable. it's a shame i can't really wear them out to lunch or public. hang in there, you'll be done before you know it and then off to a new adventure!

  3. Love your jeans! You make them look awesome!!!
    Thanks for your insight, as always ... I am so excited when I see that you have posted something new! Thank YOU for your words! So inspiring! Keeping you in prayer!

  4. Yes, you are rockin' the skinnies!

    If moving is like labor you need lots and lots of support, if I were there I'd help you-hold your hand through the contractions, or just help you dust things off ;) Since I'm not near, know that I'm praying for you in this process. I keep thinking of that song, taken from King David himself: I will remain confident in this, I will see the goodness The Lord. Praying for that come to pass, even in the midst of the labor.

  5. I'm praying for you from across the country and wishing I could be there to help you(I'm weird and love stuff like that...when its for someone else; not for me!).

  6. You're right. moving is definitely misery. praying for your deep breaths at the end of the journey :)

  7. I too am in the process of packing/moving and I forgot how unsettling the feeling is. =/ Hope your move goes well! :)

  8. Moving also provides the opportunity for a good house purging. We've been in our current place for five years, longer than any other place and I can feel all the stuff creeping up on me. Hang in there! Your new place will be sorted, organized, purged, and comfy soon! Praying for stamina and joy for you and your family!

  9. yes!! moving is exactly like childbirth.. trust me on this one.
    as you know, i just had #4 and thought it would be totally fine because..
    well.. you know, i've done this before 3 other times.
    totally wrong.
    i forgot how difficult it was. but i'm older now so that could be why :)
    sending you one great big hug.

    and p.s. you look like a rockstar in that outfit :)