Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Snippets between birthdays

This is birthday month in my home.

The lower-rung priorities tend to fall off. Like blogging. And keeping in touch with all our CA friends and family. Sorry guys, but my mini-baker wants a tripled recipe of from-scratch s'more cupcakes with from-scratch frosting for her class in 48 hrs. Oh wait, and she wants to do it all herself. Which is not a surprise. She is turning 11, but when she was 2, she would loudly assert, "I do it my big self!"

I'm totally not complaining. I LOVE to celebrate them, especially since it's just us here in the MT. But other things just have to give. I'm okay with that too.

I'll be back with my thoughts on friendship and whatnot soon. In the meantime, here are some snippets of what's been going on around here this past week.

Birthday boy who loves donuts, Mexican food, and his new bow and arrow.


The "planting" of artificial succulents in real dirt. (I said, "Let's just try that." And guess what? It's awesome.)

Days off, library trips, snacks and these two.

Thunderstorms and movie watching. We love vintage Harrison Ford. "Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?"

Memorial Day parade in the rain

Shopping for birthday girl's dessert this weekend, mega-s'mores.

Room prepping for visitors in my house. I officially have ONE cute room. (I might move in, I love it so.)

{print by Katygirl found in her shop here}

And there you have it. That covered our last 7 days. I'm tired.

But also excited; this coming weekend, we are taking our first mini-trip as a family in this Big Sky state. We are ready for a whole weekend of play. No emptying another cardboard box. No searching for a container the exact volume as all the Zhu-Zhu pet parts. No attempting to clean the mud off the dog's paws ten times a day.

I'll keep you in the loop like I usually do, with the help of my trusty phone camera and updates next week. Wait, in a couple days, it will be June! Now, isn't there something about June that holds a whole world of promise?



  1. you sure do have a cute room there! love it. glad you're getting settled. happy birthday month to you!

  2. i look at these pix and read your words, and do you know what i see... friendship.
    i see it bewteen you and your kids. and i'm sure it's always been there, but i'm guessing this experience/Montana is going to expand it. how rich you are, and will be to have their friendship as they grow!