Saturday, May 04, 2013

The classroom of life

I was just going to list the happenings around here lately. I could list the events and the activities. But all those moments actually mean so much more.    

We're learning, all the time, in the classroom of life.

I went to a furniture refinishing class at this antique store this week. I learned how to change ugly furniture into awesome furniture. But really, my eyes were wide open to the people, the culture, the social dynamics among the 15 women, and what it all meant for me.

I was learning a lot more than about furniture. I was learning about people. About them. And about me.

I've been having a lot of thoughts about seasons of friendship lately. Female friendships are hard wrought. Good ones are rare jewels. Right now, friendship feels elusive and off in the distance. But I'm learning, stretching, staying humble and walking close with my best Friend, first.

My life's classroom right now is teaching me how to operate and thrive without the many close friends I lived amongst just months ago.

Here are some more students in my household. I could tell you that my husband built shelves for the garage. But more importantly, he is learning to teach, learning and stretching in his understanding of what it means to father. One is learning how to follow, how to listen, how to emulate. Serious bonding is taking place in the midst of sawdust and power tools and paint.

My little guy built this stool and "desk" on his own. His feelings of pride over his work were beautiful (and he reminded me of Bob Cratchit in this photo, sitting on his perch, maybe counting coins for Mr. Scrooge).

He is learning how to be big. And he is glued to his dad's side in every project.

I could tell you that my husband joined his company softball team, and that we cheered for him at his first game. But he's also learning where he fits in to the dynamics among his co-workers. Learning to lead them, to minister, to make friends. It takes a lot of effort. Well, you know that.

I was learning, once again, how to stay warm. Oh, that was a chilly night!

I could also tell you that I found this blanket at an antique shop. But it's still all about learning, in my new space, to make a home. I spend a lot of time and thought on how to create warmth and inspiration on this blank canvas of a house with stark walls and empty rooms.

I didn't feel inspired to make my home in the same way in my last space. So it's a new opportunity for me to walk through the process of creating something - I don't know exactly what - in each room.

My dear friend Aly sent me this print.

She knows that my word for 2013 is "Together."

And what a beautiful reminder it was for me this week; if you recall, at the start of the year, our move was not yet public, but imminent. God gave me this word to remind me of something very important: no matter what Montana would bring, He and I would be together. And my family - we would all be together. I had a sense that unity would be critical, acknowledging the need to cling to the Lord and to one another during this season of change. It takes a lot of effort and is not easy. But you knew that.

I guess there is no tidy little lesson to wrap up this post. We are living our lives out here, all learning in the classroom of life. And God and I are hanging out.

Together, always.



  1. I definitely feel like good girl friends are way off in the distance. I'm really finding it hard do you have any advice?x

  2. Is your home brand new Les or just an older one that you've moved into? I think you're going to love finding old things to re-invent each space. The quilt you scored is lovely!

  3. sometimes it just needs to be you and Him doesn't him? friends will come, never doubt it. especially with your easygoing, warm and open heart. it sounds like you all are settling in well over there.. and that painting furniture class sounds awesome. can't wait to see what you end up doing to your new space :) xoxo

  4. That photo of your son with his 'desk' - he's just glowing!
    Loved this post!

  5. "And God and I are hanging out."

    That is beautiful, and really, I think that's the best part of life lessons-we've got the best teacher we've ever known.

  6. learning about people and yourself= so good.

    i get the friend thing. 3 yrs ago God moved us out of familiar into unfamiliar. most of my friendships have changed. it was an adjustment for me. lonely... and then, good. i don't NEED those friendships to define me. He's enough.

    who knows what God is up to in our classrooms of life, who knows, BUT i know (like you) he's up to something. :-)