Sunday, June 23, 2013


Well, in three years, I don't know that I've ever been away from blogging for that long. I mean, the moving thing had to catch up with me sometime. It just got to be too much when you added in both my kids' birthdays, our first out of town guests, the launch of @salvage517 on Instagram, the end of the school season, a 5th grade graduation, and Father's Day all heaped into one pile of crazy. All that equals no blogging.

But the dust has settled enough for me to share this one snippet of our recent adventures, our family's first trip to Yellowstone. We made it a marathon of a day, leaving at 9 am and returning home well past midnight. Here are some favorite memories.

(note the California hat, with a grizzly. so fitting.)
This is one of those imperative, slightly annoying shots moms are required to take. That's the whole reason that bear is there. For mothers to say, "Climb up on there kids, and look at me!" I'm not ashamed.

Some real grizzlies who get to live here because they were rescued. They were so awesome. I wanted to hug them a little. 

New wolf stuffed animals. Since we have a shortage of those around here. Wait, the opposite of that.

 Huckleberry ice cream. Mmmmmmmm. And see that brown circle next to her left elbow? That's where we missed our turn and were practically to the Grand Tetons before we realized it.

NBD. Bison we could reach out and touch. Total road hogs.  

Yellowstone style. Naturally, I had to bring my vintage binocs*.
*normally referred to as binoculars, they were only ever called binocs in my home growing up.

This is called, "Please, crazy wind, don't blow my hat off into that geyser behind me."

It's pretty ridiculous to try to capture the glory of a place like Yellowstone with a camera, and much more ridiculous with a phone kind. But just trust me. It was a glorious day, full of the majesty of creation. All of it points to Him. I don't know how so many people can visit this place every day and still question that we have an incredible, unsearchable, omnipotent Creator in heaven, so generously telling us about Himself, right before our eyes, in vivid, living, breathing Technicolor.

It was a privilege to see what He had to share about Himself. A humbling privilege, the kind that just makes you long for more.

I hope you have a great Monday. I pray your eyes are opened today to what God wants to show you about Himself, in your town, in your kids, in your world.



  1. Amazing!!! What a great post to break the blogging break! I'm pretty sure that bear was posing just like the hat for the picture! What a beautiful piece of God's creation you have in your backyard!

  2. We keep talking about going back to Yellowstone but just haven't done it yet. And by back I mean, I haven't gone in about 20 years! Which means my kids have never gone. And we live in the same state as part of the park! Your pictures are making me want to fix that situation sooner rather than later!

  3. i wonder that same thing every night when i watch the sunset! for some reason that time really stands out for can anyone look at the sun setting, and not think, man! that was the one and only sunset just like that "with that smear of yellow and sway from pink to orange with a smudge of dark blue at the top" ...there has never been and never will be another sunset just like that! how on this earth could that NOT point to our crazily, unimaginably creative God! answer : it does. it points right at Him. praise, praise! may their eyes be opened to His glory! xo

  4. These are such great pics. And your outfit is so cute!!