Thursday, June 06, 2013

salvage517 coming to a phone near you

I normally don't love to mix my side businesses...whatever they may be that given season...with my blog here. When Shauna and I had the girl's clothing and accessories business called tidbit, we had a shared, secondary blog, Cake & Cotton, on which to promote our wares. But that's not an option anymore.

So I'll keep this short and sweet just in case some of you are interested. If not, just click away and come back when I have something more typical to share with you. :)

If you click on the salvage517 button on the right, you will be led to my etsy store. However, I'm MOVING my little shop to Instagram. You can find it at @salvage517. It's that simple.

And I'm having a "grand opening" of sorts this coming Monday, June 10th, beginning at 9 am, PST. If you're interested, and you are on Instagram, please follow along!

Here are some sneak peeks, I've been calling them, just to give you an idea of what will be available. There are two kinds of things I'll be selling. Vintage resale as seen in the pics below, and stuff that I've made (such as jewelry and pillow covers) from salvaging vintage keys, trinkets, quilt tops, etc. ALL sorts of things will be on sale Monday, including some new color combinations of my most popular item, the vintage key necklaces.

The way to "purchase" something on Instagram is to enter your Paypal email address and zip code  (so I can figure out shipping) into the comments under the item. If you are the first one to do so on that item, you claim it, and are committed to buying it. Then, the next day, I send you a Paypal invoice. If you don't ever use Paypal, any email address will do. I just need something to send you the electronic payment request. Then, you have the option to pay with a variety of methods.

I hope you enjoy the sneak peeks and follow along with the upcoming sale! See the last photo for a special giveaway on IG too. If you screen shot and REPOST that one on IG (you can find it on the @salvage517 feed) and use the hashtag indicated, you will be entered to win. I'm going to do another giveaway in a day or two as well, for some vintage children's books. Mmmmm. Nothing better than old books.

Have a great rest of the week!


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