Monday, August 26, 2013

My favorite summer moments, in pictures

We go back to school this week. I'm excited. A little. They
 are excited. A little. This transition back to routines, early mornings, more free time, and homework is always bittersweet. I'm always conflicted; as much as I need some space around my body and silence in my head, I will immediately miss them clamoring all around my body and making so much noise.
Motherhood is at first a total laying down of self for the sake of children, and then the slow, simultaneous letting go of those children and re-discovery of oneself.  
It's always bittersweet. And I love that.
But I have a couple days left to reflect on the good that summer brought us. Here are my most favorite moments.  

{celebrating 16 years as a family}


And besides these, many beautiful moments took place on the inside. The times the kids and I practiced memorizing Psalm 27:1-5. The times we spent making new connections with friends. The times we laughed so hard while reading Pippi Longstocking together. The times I heard from the Lord in the quiet of the night. Those were even more precious than the ones I can snap with a camera.

Though far from perfect and woven with challenges, none of which are ever captured in photos but rather in bruises of the heart, it was a good summer.

I'm so grateful for everything God provided.

And I have a lingering feeling He'll provide for all our needs in the coming school year too. Happy Back to School, friends.



  1. looks like a nice summer! I love that woods picture!

  2. this gave me goosebumps. first, the imagination and exploration evident in the photos - what a wonderful gift you are giving to your children in our age of technology. (i'm a former teacher so i'm especially sensitive when i see kids who are not prompted to go outside and create sometimes.) secondly, your description of motherhood as a continual laying-down... i am crafting a post on motherhood right now & plan to quote that. beautifully articulated. (and link to my source, of course) and lastly, i am lately struck repeatedly how my sweetest moments cannot be captured with a lens. those moments with my Lord. and so we turn to words.
    maybe this was just supposed to be a simple summer recap, but it really got to me this morning! and i don't even know you :) thanks for sharing!

  3. That apron is RAD. So is the superhero holding dinner! hahahahaha

    So glad you enjoyed your summer!

  4. I love nacho night. And your apron. But mostly, your mama heart. And yes, it's true that the best moments aren't really the ones we capture with a camera.

    Praying blessings over your school year-and their first day and that holds! He will meet you, he always has, and he won't stop now!