Saturday, October 19, 2013

How we walked in fields of gold

A day off of school, not for a holiday, not for any expected reason, is a gift. I guess it was a teacher training day, but I didn't pay that close of attention.

For us, it meant a trip to the pumpkin patch in the sunshine and crisp air.

It meant being completely surrounded by golden leaves and golden fields everywhere you turned.

It meant seeing childhood emerge and breathe again, having shaken off the cloak of responsibility and pressure and expectation, at least for the day. Running with no destination in mind. Hurtling over hay bales and hedges. Taking as much time as necessary to look and enjoy and play.

It meant laughing joyfully as I watched my city kids try to figure out what to do with the many tire swings hanging from the trees. His expression says it all. And honestly, I had no idea what to suggest to them either. Seriously. Later, when I saw kids sitting on TOP of them, easily swinging, I was like, "Ohhhh. That's why they're hanging like two inches from the ground." Which I thought was sort of dumb at first. We are new at this. 

The day also meant buying freshly pressed cider, then making a fragrant concoction of spices and orange slices when we got home.

And best of all, it meant seeing the truth again about who we are. People who love one another. Period. Sometimes all I can see is the sassy remarks, the misspoken words, the hurtful actions. What is it about a fall day with no school and some space to roam that can bring out the best in us all?

It reminded me of how grateful I am for my life. For my kids. For Montana. For grace and forgiveness. And for fields of gold.

And hey. If your school calendar doesn't give you a day off soon, I say take one anyway. Make the time to get out in the crisp and beautiful fall air. Remember and refresh.

The laundry can wait.



  1. Thank you for this breath of fresh air! It is so achingly true that the laundry can wait. ;) I'm so glad you were able to enjoy such a beautiful day off from school to be reminded of all the blessings and joy.

    Happy Sunday to you!

  2. Beautiful photos! Montana is looking good on all of you!

    We take days off quite often, I am sure we make teachers cringe, as we are the family that missed the first week of school. But kids won't keep and we have to take the opportunities as they come.

    And it's true, a day adventuring always reminds us who we are. We need that!

  3. love these pics les, such a great way to get out and get fresh air, appreciate creation and our families. i love that you make this time happen.
    beautiful family! beautiful soul, i've so enjoyed getting to know you :)

  4. i can only FAKE tap dance. i should have made that clear.