Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm the redhead (a Hope Spoken introduction)

Next March, I'll be at Hope Spoken, God willing, pouring my heart out. I'm excited. Really. I don't feel scared about speaking in front of people, and I think I could be. But my overriding feelings are thrilled and humbled and blessed and energized to have the opportunity to share God's story, the one He's written in my life. That is such a privilege.

If God has taken the time to write this story in my life, and if He has opened a door through my friend Casey for me to share it with others, then He'll finish that work and make it all mean something bigger than I'll ever know. That's my hope, simply to be used in His timing, for His reasons, and I may never know all the ways in which that hope materialized.

I'm sure there will be moments when I am too conscious of myself, wondering if I'm dressed cute enough, or if I'll remember people's names, or if I'll stumble over my words, Jesus will be there too, amidst the crowd. He will remind me that I am beautiful. He will remind me that no one's approval matters but His. And He will remind me that this is all about HIM. Not me. When I remember that, I get those feelings back, the thrilled and humbled and blessed and energized ones.

If I walk in the belief that Hope Spoken is all about Jesus, I am free to be myself, my very imperfect self who may stumble over words and forget a few names. And truly, I'll have way more fun being myself rather than trying to be someone I think I should be....perhaps someone more together, who wears cute maxi skirts, the latest necklace, and knows everyone in the room.   

So that picture up there at the very top is of my two kids and I. That's what I look like. I'm the redhead. There aren't many of us around and I hear by 2050, we'll be extinct. I may still be alive, but I certainly didn't propagate any redheads, so we're dying out, or so I hear. But you're welcome, because I'm easy to spot in a big crowd. If you're going to Hope Spoken and if you spy me, please come say hello.

We recently moved from CA to Montana and I have to write out the word Montana because it seems people get the M states confused when I just use MT. It's been a big adjustment, and the step - well, really ginormous leap - of faith it took for us to move here, where we didn't know a soul, is part of my story I'll be sharing. It's the ending part, actually, of a long story I'll be sharing on my journey with the Lord and the challenges through which He's taught me to surrender. Surrendering to God's plans for my life, not the Montana ones, but the ones before that, the ones that were really starting to look like my worst nightmare, was very difficult.

Maybe you're in a hard place too. Things don't make sense; life isn't turning out like you'd imagined. Well I'd love for you to come to Hope Spoken and find refreshment, a renewed sense of endurance and hope in your walk with Jesus. Come hear my story and listen to others that are sure to encourage you. Casey and the girls will be releasing thirty more tickets soon, so you can watch out for that news on her blog or follow @hopespoken on Instagram.

My son took this picture last weekend. Suddenly I'm an outdoorsy girl. I never have been before because I lived in suburban Orange County for the last 20 years. I mean, I enjoyed the outdoor malls. That I can tell you. But now I'm a hiker. I love the crisp, fall air and the brilliant leaves on the changing birches. I even have a cow hide as a living room rug. It's so funny to me.

God is an unparalleled storyteller. The one He's writing in my life right now is pretty humorous and desperate and blindingly lovely all at the same time.

I hope you get a chance to come hear a bit of it in person. I'd love to give you a hug.

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  1. Do you think there will be a way that those of us who cannot go can watch it later? Or read a transcript? I'm really hoping that you guys have something planned for the "rest" of us. :) So Sad I will miss it!

  2. I have loved reading your blog...I have found your BTS series sooo helpful in this season I'm in. The Hope Spoken conference sounds like it will be an inspiring place to be in March, you ladies have much wisdom between you all...the trip from Ireland would be a tad heavy on the finances so will follow along through all your blogs!!!!

  3. Hello Leslie, do you remember me? Mike Wallace Bradbury.

    1. Of course I do. The days of my red Camero and baseball and Italy! I hope you and yours are well!