Monday, January 06, 2014

If you've ever faced an obstacle

If you've ever come face to face with disability, your child's, your friend's, your own...

If you've ever needed encouragement to press on through a challenge...

If you know a family who is persevering with a special needs child...

watch and share this.

It is the final, 11 minute long video cut of the trip my husband led to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest back in March. It made history, as you'll see by the news coverage at the end. It made hearts burst. And it made one boy named Eli a bit of a celebrity.

This video is visual proof that God took the small and feeble offerings of a few people, raised it all up in His hands, grew it bigger than we could have ever imagined, and created something miraculous.

Eli would love it if you shared this story with anyone you know who has a family member living with special needs.

And for all of you who prayed and gave toward the trip, huge thanks. Huge.

For the backstory, and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read this post and this one and this one in order.

And hey. Show the video to your kids. Inspire BIG dreams. Tell them that even people who God made a little differently can change the world. Help Eli show them the value of every life.

OK I'll stop talking so you can watch in peace.

Best thing ever, right?
This video can also be found on the homepage of the Trek for TEF website,
I hope you find it a little easier to climb your own mountains today.



  1. Wow! Makes me want to go make a difference. :) Awesome that you guys got to be a part of that. Praise God for His work through you guys.

  2. Everest fascinates me. This was such an amazing journey. So inspiring. Thanks for sharing the video! :)