Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday, MT style

It appears the Easter Sunday rhythm in Montana goes something like this:

1. worship
2. eat
3. hike
4. eat

I'm sure some people follow a different routine. But the folks with whom we spent the holiday rolled like this. We went to church which was great, had quite a feast for brunch (featuring my best Easter idea this year: tropical waffle bar), and then went on a hike. Not a stroll around the block. A serious 2-family plus dogs, takes 30 minutes to get there, wear your hiking boots, hike. Finally, we came home for round two of feasting with ham and deviled eggs and lemon bars.

I've never gone on a hike on Easter Sunday, had a full on wardrobe change, mid-day, for some outdoor adventuring. By two o'clock I was hauling off the silk dress and necklace, and pulling over layers of knit and a beanie, since Spring is slow to find us up here.

This Easter schedule was new to me. And it was awesome.

Naturally, I didn't think to take any photos of us while we were doing normal Easter things, like dressing in pastels and going to church and eating our delicious brunch with our neighbor pals (the ones who got us to hike on Easter).

I only thought to take photos of the completely novel things. Like seeing the bison. Did you see any on Easter? What about a bald eagle? Did your dog frolic in the river? Did your kids take their bows and tromp through the wilderness looking for something to shoot? Did your husband wear a fleece vest? (I sometimes tease him for his fleece vest. It's funny to me. I don't know. If you're so cold, then why aren't there any arms?) I have proof that we did all of the above. Only the bald eagle eluded my camera.

Here are the visuals for you. Only one of these photos feels familiar to me, in terms of Easter festivities. I'll let you guess which one. But I will say that I like this, the unfamiliar rhythm of things in Montana. And I really like the friends God has brought into our lives this past year. I more than like them. I'm incredibly blessed by them and the ways they gently expand my horizons and loosen my expectations. Hey, if you need a little of that too, head on up this way. The bison will be waiting. 


This was our first Easter in Montana. I missed our extended family and traditions we've done for years, I missed the competitive grown-up egg hunt, my brother, and all the fancy foods we'd make. The kids missed their cousins, we missed our nephew's birthday, and we longed for hugs from each and every loved one too far away.

But I wore my "give me Jesus" necklace and mustered up the will to embrace the change.

It was our first Easter here. And I have to say, still, by the grace of God, it was a very good day.



  1. what a beautiful place you live in! i spent easter away from my husband, even! i visited a tiny little babe in Minnesota and 7 hours at the airport. :)

  2. Looks like you had a beautiful easter :)

  3. Sounds amazing! I would love to adopt this midday hike idea for our Easter, but I don't think the old folks would never make it up the mountain, LoL. We missed you guys very much. We put 10 scratchers in the eggs, and my aunts won $30!

  4. I didn't see bison - I wish they lived in the northeast - ha ha - but we also got out our bow and arrows too and shot at targets in the yard with Grams and Grandpa. :)

  5. My husband and girls would have LOVED your Easter! I think I would have, too (although I feel somewhat outside of my comfort zone in the great outdoors). You have a beautiful home & family!!

  6. i will not let my husband see this post.. come to think of it, i won't let my son or daughters either! because your mt easter is exactly how they'd want to spend the day. exxxxacctlyy! i:) come to think of it- it's how we have spent many a Good Friday :

  7. thank you for hiking in a skirt. i like you even more now.

  8. beautiful! we've been "away" from our families for the past 7-9 years...I know what you mean! We often end up adopting a friend's tradition when it comes to Easter (last year it was pancakes+bacon with friends. this year we just did sandwiches because I'm overwhelmed with moving stuff!) love the hike idea!