Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grace on a Thursday: in Julie's words

You know Julie, I bet. If you do, I already know how you feel about her and her blog, Joy's Hope. Let's just say up front what we all agree on: she's one amazing girl. Funny, crazy good taste, baker-ific, big heart, did I say funny?, really great mom, has a slightly inappropriate attraction to guys in bands, super intentional, and has long, beautiful blonde hair that is the envy of many a woman.

She's the real deal and I'm proud to call her my friend. And somehow, ten of her words say as much or more than I do in 1,000. I'm so happy to share her words here today.

I am a girl who needs a lot of grace.
A lot a lot a lot.
I'm always waiting to the last minute, disorganized, extraordinarily sensitive, painfully A.D.D. and prone to bouts of panic.
It's a fun combination.

But time and time again I see evidence of grace undeservedly being poured out upon my self-made circumstances.

How can I not turn around and extend the same grace to others?

How many times have I let friends down?  
How many times has my family suffered the aftermath of my panic?

Grace steps in where I fall short.
Grace makes beauty out of ugly things.

When faced with ugly...
choose beauty.

Choose grace.

Always choose grace.
Even when it isn't easy.

That is the beauty of grace.  It isn't supposed to be easy.

But it is always worth it.



  1. i had to go to my itunes and crank this song just now.
    in my top faves of all time.

    it's a thought that could change the world.....
    grace finds goodness in everything.....
    grace....she carries the world on her hips....
    what once was hurt...what once was friction...what left a longer stings....

    love ya julie.
    and leslie too.
    you girls are fab-u-lous

  2. i think part of the reason it's not easy to give grace is because it's required so often. and grace is unreasonable and undeserved. it's love trumping justice. and we have to get over the unreasonable-ness each time, when it's more natural to just react.

  3. I'm with you, Leslie! I think it's because grace is so antithetical to our natures. I have to beg God to just give me so much grace every day that it pours out of me into the other people I meet. That's the only way anyone I know could get grace out of me sometimes.

  4. thank you for this awesome post!

    you gals rock and so does grace. it saves me every time i choose it ... now if i'd only choose that more than fear, doubt and worry, it would be all good, wouldn't it?

    thanks for this dose of inspiration!!

  5. wonderful, wonderful!

  6. "always choose grace. . . it is always worth it"

    oh i love that simple, true, powerful sentiment. thanks for sharing.