Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dying and dyeing

Funny that these two things go together at Easter time. Funny that we celebrate the dying Lord (and risen of course too, but I'm trying to make a parallel here) with dyeing eggs. I've never thought about this before. And I'm not really in the mood to analyze it now. But I had to share that I love this season. I love remembering and teaching my kids the truth that Jesus dying means life for us. And I love dyeing eggs. I don't know exactly why. This year, we bought 36 eggs to dye and I wish I had double that. I always forget how much I could go on and on with these suckers and so I always under-buy. Part of the problem was that I only allotted myself 6 to color and the rest went to the kids. So I didn't get enough turns. Next year, will someone remind me to buy a neat 18 all for myself?

So try to take time to dye some eggs (kids or not), and have a pretty plate or basket to put them in. It will make you feel like you have sunshine inside of yourself. And be sure to tell your kids about Jesus this week. Read the Bible story to them (click here for the "early reader" version in simplified language) and help them understand that at Easter, this kind of dying means living. And this kind of dyeing means lots of beautiful decorations on your table, not to mention the sunshine in your heart thing. It made for my favorite day in a long time. And I don't even like pastels.

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