Saturday, March 13, 2010


Wait a minute. Hold the phone. I have a mid-day five minutes to myself and I am actually underwhelmed! That means that I am not overwhelmed by the crazy number of things around me to do. The laundry is done. The kitchen is clean (and I mean really deep down clean). Both kids are occupied outside of my space. Not every stack of paper has been addressed, but if you don't count the scrap booking of my son's first 4 years of life, I am actually CAUGHT UP. I need to take note of this because I usually wouldn't appreciate it for what it is. Even when I am normally underwhelmed, the circumstances don't get celebrated. I just look for the next thing to do.

It is like my unbirthday - it is more the rule and not the exception so every unbirthday passes by quite unnoticed. My birthday is the equivalent of being overwhelmed (except I wish that happened only once a year). Anyway, I tend to invent probably more drama than necessary when I am feeling overwhelmed on a given day. That is when I feel the need to "let it out" by writing or inventing a multitude of other tasks to do as therapy for my little self (which helps for a minute, but really makes the matter worse since I'm not covering any of the ground that is overwhelming me).

Not today. I'm choosing to dramatize and celebrate this underwhelmed moment, before someone interrupts it or asks for something to eat. Ahhhhhhh. Thank you Lord.

I'll get back to my gardening lessons soon. I just needed to exhale with this post and encourage you to do the same. The next time you are underwhelmed, though it doesn't mean things are perfect, appreciate it for what it's worth. The moment may not come around again for a while.

I think I'll share a photo or two of another underwhelmed friend. I took many photos of this guy and his buddies on a recent trip to Lake Arrowhead with my husband. These shots were all off the balcony of our room overlooking the lake. The blue jays were shockingly beautiful against the scenery and I couldn't get enough of them. Have a happy day.

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