Friday, March 05, 2010


My NFS stands for my New Favorite Song. I felt the need to acronym-ize this phrase because my NFS changes so often and I like to share my loves. So I had to make it shorter. You know, for efficiency.

The current NFS is called "Born Again" by Third Day. I usually don't love Third Day. Not for a good reason, it's just not my favorite sound. And I usually don't love the term "born again" in reference to Christianity since it carries an awkward connotation in some circles. Also it is one of those super-religious terms, and I don't love being seen as religious, I just love God. BUT I love this song. It's beautiful and you should listen to it right this very minute.

(try not to be distracted by the random photos; I couldn't figure out how just to get the song and not the video with it! now since I mentioned it are you just gonna watch the random photos? well, just listen twice.)

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