Friday, July 30, 2010

So not the favorite

I wanted to share this post by a friend who blogs from last week. It spoke to me today, while thinking about how encouraging it always feels to know that I am seen. No matter how alone or isolated I can feel on my worst days, no matter how misunderstood I think I am, God always sees and gets me.

At one point in the post, Karen refers to God as El Roi. This is one of the Hebrew names of God, in the original language of the Scriptures. There are so many beautiful names for God in Hebrew that are kind of diminished in beauty, in my opinion, when translated into English. A mother in the Old Testament, Hagar, names God El Roi in Genesis 16:13, saying He is "the God who sees me". (If you never have, find a book or do a simple Internet study on the names of God. Someone gave me a bookmark which listed about 10 of them with the associated scriptures so I could read the context of each one, and that helped me learn a ton. But I know there are great books out there that do the same in more detail. It's such an incredible study.)

There have been seasons in my life where this particular name for God has been something I've gripped onto like a lifeline. He sees me. He knows. He gets it, when no one else does. I'm thankful that in those seasons, he's allowed me to be isolated in order to learn that His seeing me is enough. It took a long time and a lot of practice settling down the feelings of panic in my own heart when I felt alone or misunderstood, but I know now He is enough.

Today, I hope you know He sees you, He knows your story, and He so loves you right where you're at.

Especially when you're not the favorite. I am a mommy who is not the favorite. No one fights over who gets to sit next to me, or have me tuck them in. This year, I was aghast that I did not even make the Thanksgiving word collage from school of the things my child was thankful for. Daddy, pets, and lots of other things did though. Not mom. I'm the given.

But God sees me; I work for Him, caring for His children, and what joy there is in having that privilege.

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