Friday, July 30, 2010

What's an 'allegory' again?

I told my husband that I bought a new book for our trip. I said, "It's an old book, called Hinds Feet in High Places. Ya know, that allegory?" "Oh yeah," he said. Then, "What's an 'allegory' again?"

Well, you can read an excerpt HERE if you need a refresher on this genre. It's when the characters have names that tell you something about them, basically.

So I'm excited. I've been wanting to read it for a long time, and I will review it on my blog when I get home.

But I'm not just bringing one book. For heaven's sake, I'll be without kids for 10 days. I'm also bringing this book.

Remember my favorite parenting book ever, Grace Based Parenting? Here's my REVIEW from a while back. Well, this guy wrote both. So I'm trying out his latest effort, a take on our hurried culture and the effect the increased pace is having on our families. I have a feeling I'll learn a lot from this book too (guilty cringe).

I'm also bringing my Bible, my latest Family Fun magazine (I really need some better me, airport kiosk!), and I wish I could bring a whole lot more. But I'm sure 10 days will go by quickly and then there's all the sightseeing I'll have to squeeze in, of course.

Ooh. Maybe I can do a travel post from my hubby's laptop while I'm there. Oooh la la. That would be fun. Maybe I'll bring a little gnome and place him in spots, take photos, and then you can guess where I am, just like in the Travelocity ads! Hmm. I think we have a gnome around here somewhere...

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