Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 things of beauty

A little while ago, I looked at my clock. It said 10:10. And of course you know the date today. 10/10/10. So it got me thinkin'.

I've been struggling with beauty this weekend, that is, in terms of finding it in tangible ways in my life. That sounds terrible, but it's true. It is hard to explain and I need to write more on that later.

For now, I'm making a list. Because I need to.

10 things of beauty I can embrace right now

1. Reading with my kids. We read. I'm proud of that time spent; it feels very productive. My son took the photo of us above, arm outstretched as far as possible. We have a mutual love for sharing stories. Tonight it was this. The illustrations are so incredible.

2. No one in my home is sick.

3. I'm caught up on laundry (which means more time for crafts and writing).

4. I wrote down a plan for moving some things around and reducing clutter in two areas of my house last night, and I plan to execute said plan very soon. Watch out, visible enormous box of Hot Wheels and same-sized box of zillions of plastic members of the animal kingdom! You can no longer live in the family room.

5. I got to sleep in till 8 a.m. two days in a row this weekend. One of the days it may have been 8:30. And then I may have lingered until 9. Beauty.

6. I got to worship in my great church this morning and sing one of my favorite songs. Here is The Stand, by Hillsong. (It's always recorded live, so it's impossible to find a super clear version.)

7. I have friends who remind me who I am (and whose I am) when I start to forget. You know who you are.

8. I have outlets for my creative energy on the horizon. This month, I'm preparing for some tidbit showings in November. (tidbit is the teeny children's clothing line my friend Shauna and I work on when we feel like it - we have some amazing new things that are NOT for kids. They are for mommies who like having beauty in their home.) We're cooking up other fun things too. You'll see.

9. In the words of my then boyfriend, now husband, circa 1992: "You already have everything you'll ever really need." He meant in my heart, and I knew that he was right even at 17.

10. When I can't see beauty around me (instead, I get tempted to focus on messes that need me, frustration from my kids' school schedules, relational discord, dog throw-up, or the bathroom that needs cleaning), I have a love, tried and true. Literally, I've tested and tried Him, and nothing has ever been more true: Jesus is more than enough for me.

Can't get any more beautiful than that.


  1. i have chills.
    i am glad to be your friend.
    proud of who you are.
    i know that list was hard to make, right now, for whatever reason.
    and now you can look at it and not forget.
    and maybe, MAYBE you'll look back on it in a week or a month or a year and forget how hard it was to find.
    you'll just see thankfulness.
    maybe ;)

  2. Focus on the beauty, not the messes. Thanks, I needed that today.

  3. I like number 5 and number 8!! :) :) YAY for sleeping in! Excited to see your mommy duds!

  4. I need to make a list in my life I needed this prompting!

    And I LOVE The Stand!

    Also, I love the way you phrased "relational discord." I'm going to steal that!

  5. Fabulous list.
    I especially love the tidbitness for grown ups on the horizion. I sort of can't wait!