Wednesday, October 20, 2010

cake & cotton is here!

I hinted about it a few posts ago, and now it's here!

My friend Shauna and I have a lot of ideas. From projects, to recipes, to things we'd like to own from Anthropologie if money grew on trees....our new blog is where we want to share our conversation about all the things that inspire us. We are always thinking and talking and processing this welling of creativity and need for expression that we both have. And though we both have it, we like to express ourselves in different ways.

Our blog is a place where we'll try stuff out and tell you how it went. We'll help you learn how to make something you'd normally just buy. We'll help you nurture creativity in your children's lives, help make your home more beautiful, inspiring or efficient, and pass on some killer deals.

Because here's the thing: you weren't meant to endure your life alone. We all need ideas, support and a heck of a lot of encouragement. Our new blog is emerging from the truth that two are better than one.

You can meet Shauna here, and you can read the intro post on me here. Shauna and I thought it fitting to write our profiles about each other. I need her eyes for me, softening my rough spots with grace and appreciating my quirks as things of beauty. She helps me accept myself and I do the same for her. I know you'll relate to one of us, since we can be quite different, and perhaps finding yourself among our posts will encourage you to embrace yourself in a new way too.

We need each other, so I hope you'll follow our little journey. Welcome to cake & cotton.

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