Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Hollywood date {and #letsgetpraisy}

Last Monday, my man and I drove up to Hollywood to see my current favorite band, Mumford & Sons.

Oh goodness, it was epic.

Not only was the setting so iconic - the Hollywood Bowl - the music and the atmosphere on a chilly fall night was simply perfect. Someone asked me the other day what my favorite part was and I sat there unable to find an answer. Every minute was my favorite part.

And I couldn't stop taking pictures of the Bowl. It is so beautiful, and it had been years since I'd been there.

There were these cool giant circle mirrors in the bathroom. This is what I wore. A vintage wool calf length skirt with my favorite boots and a turquoise sweater from H & M. Sorta boring, but warm. I flat-ironed my hair for the first time in years. I forgot how much I liked it super straight. I've been so into the no-heat curls look for a while...

There were no good pics of the hubs and I. It was a little difficult to get a good one in the dark, and as we were literally shoulder to shoulder with strangers on both sides of us. But isn't this place so pretty?  

Sorry you can't see much of the boys. I watched a lot of the concert up close and personal with my binoculars. Look below at everyone's phones.

After the show, and after I regained my composure from swooning, we took a shuttle back to our parking lot. I had to snap this picture because we were the last ones to make it on the bus, and I am standing at the shoulder of the driver, gripping onto the railing overhead. Look at how close my body is to the giant windows! Sorta scary. Especially since Hollywood was still hopping at midnight.

My souvenir. I've worn it a lot in the last 7 days. I'm not ashamed.

So like right after that, Jami Nato started this little game on the social networks using the hashtag #letsgetpraisy. It's all about finding the gospel in music (well, music that is not already trying to preach the gospel). And you know that's already where I live in my head, so it was a game I had to play.

I posted two on Instagram from my beloved Mumford & Sons. Their lyrics make it so easy. So many spiritual references. And then I posted two others, one of which I wrote about here a couple weeks ago. 'Cause I sometimes hear these kinds of things anyways...Jesus speaking through something surprising.

If you are on Instagram, look up that hashtag. There are nearly 200 posts of people hearing the gospel all around them. It's actually really blessed me to read the new ones every couple days.

Open your ears to the music this week. All of it. The hunger for truth is out there, reverberating in every soul. Some artists are spreading truth without even realizing it.

And sometimes, what was meant for evil is being used for good. So glad Jami Nato is spreading the good.

{Check out the #letsgetpraisy linky on her blog today}



  1. I love this. I actually connect lots of songs to Jesus/etc, but have never thought of writing them down and finding scripture to go with it. I will have to look this up on IG!