Friday, November 02, 2012

The best of times, the worst of times

Here are some pits and peaks of my week....


Outfitting one superhero (which took about 5 minutes). Look at that awesome sock.

Outfitting one butterfly fairy (which took, um, way longer).


Turning an athletic top into an official superhero costume with a little felt and glitter glue.

Here's a pic of the real Black Widow. I tried, people.

My little co-Avenger (Iron Man, above) thought I should have cut my hair. Sorry, pal.

Cooking the yummiest Tomatillo Turkey Chili for a fun night with the Reeds

And the pits?

Really, there was just one pit this week that made me a not-so-happy camper. It was a few hours ago. It starts with a "D" and ends with an "entist." I'm such a baby. On Instagram, my caption was "Jesus, if you'd like to rapture me right now, I'd be fine with it." Seriously. I hope he decides to before I have to go back next week.

I bet the real Black Widow has super-teeth.

I promise next week I'll be a real blogger again and have something more valuable to say. I'll probably stop drooling by then.

Have a great weekend! 



  1. I loooooove your Black Widow costume! Very creative! And, the kids costumes are great, too! Yeah....I never picture superheroes at the dentist either. LOL!

  2. great costumes!

    my f.i.l. is my d + entist. so unfair.

    i'm doing a give away this week. come enter!

  3. Thank you for your super sweet comment on my blog! :) I really appreciate it! I am starting the SheReadsTruth study tonight since they just started a new series! I'm really excited, I'm always open for some other ideas though!!

    Thanks again, sweet lady!
    Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  4. fyi i think we both look a little weird in that picture we are in together.
    like plastic faces or something...

  5. woww LOVE the costumes !!! so fun ! I wasn't able to dress up this year but I'd love to next year !

    I am holding a giveaway worth $50 over at my blog today