Saturday, March 02, 2013

California dreamin'

This winter here in SoCal has been the coldest I've ever experienced. I've lived here my whole life and I've never seen the lows dip into the 20's before. Everyone freaks out when we get an occasional 36 or 37 degrees the three days a year it may happen. You think I'm exaggerating. These kinds of temps make the top story in the nightly news. It's been the thing people are chattering about - how stinking cold it's been this year.

I thought maybe it was good, like I was being prepared for something slightly closer to the climate of Montana. I was, like, practicing being cold. For a minute.

Then today, it was 85 degrees. And I came to my senses.  I never, ever, ever get tired of being warm. You know what? The weather here is unmistakably awesome and that's why it costs a small fortune for a modest house where you can shake hands with your neighbors out the upstairs windows and enjoy your postage stamp of concrete that's deceptively called a backyard.

But. You can go to the beach in March.

You can wear an impractical scarf.

You can dig your toes into the cool sand and let the damp, salty air give your hair that excellent, slightly sticky feel.

You can roll your pants up as high as they go and skitter away when the tide chases you.

You can dream of endless summers and sunshine that feels like a hug you've been needing.

Even though you know the California days are numbered.

Even though you know one day this misty, salty wonderland may feel as fuzzy as a dream.

And even though you know that one day, you'll make new traditions, have new favorite spots, wear cozy scarves.

One day, the dreams themselves may even change. But for now, I'm soaking up this sun. I'm appreciating it and enjoying it with my people maybe more than ever before.

I'm extra grateful for today, trusting God for tomorrow, and even though I'm exhausted from the moving process and starved for alone time, that's enough for me right now.



  1. It has been a crazy winter here! And the warm the last two days has been so nice, even if I've hardly been able to be out to enjoy it - just seeing the sun helps! Glad someone enjoyed the coast - and that I'm not the only one that would probably still have found a lightweight scarf to wear (even if everyone else was in shorts and t-shirts...or at least from what I've seen on my FB feed. Ha!)

    I hope this sun and warm isn't a tease to ending up back in the 20's and 30's in a day or two again (I'm scared to look at the forecast!)

    And look, talking about our weird weather has brought a lurker out of lurking and into commenting :-)

  2. Sounds fantastic. I feel like the winter has been pretty cold here too. Of course that is nominal cold compared to places like Montana. Enjoy the beach days. Gosh that sounds so completely fantastic!

  3. i like this.
    i like your gratefulness for what you have today.
    that's how i felt for my last few months in california too.
    going to my favorite spots, seeing friends as much as i could.
    just enjoying what you have since everything will change so so soon.

  4. i love this post...such wonderful things about ca! i feel like i must be a california girl at heart as i just can't stand it being cold! we have pretty mild winters up here in the pacific nw but 45 degrees is still too cold for me!

  5. I used to be so baffled by online retailers selling warm weather clothing seemingly all year around b/c here in New York we go through 4 different seasons-only one of which is really warm. Once I started traveling and seeing other places I realized how naive I was- that many places get to experience that beautiful, warm weather a whole lot more than New Yorkers do:)
    So glad to see you're enjoying what you have for now. Love those little smiling faces too:)

  6. so. this totally makes me want to go to cali. love you!!

  7. thanks for reminding me why i love living in cali. the temps really are blissful (and it does get chili in my neck of the woods). i'd be miserable any(affordable)where else.

  8. oh man, so i guess this move is really happening isn't it: :I
    so glad you're taking your time to enjoy it.

    i'm a warm weather person as well and these low temps that we've had
    this winter are killing me. another reason to just stay inside and hibernate :)

  9. yes, we are blessed to live here! glad you've been able to enjoy it...last week's weather was awesome!