Tuesday, March 19, 2013

He's almost home (frame this moment}

My favorite Hawaiian girl has this new linky called "Frame this moment".

It helps me notice and say thanks for individual, beautiful moments in my days.

I keep missing the special linky day.

But this week, I had a moment particularly worth framing. And I remembered, not only to link it up on her blog (I think tomorrow), but more importantly, to emotionally snapshot the moment and log it in my heart.

I've been missing my man for over two weeks. This is the longest we've been apart in more than 15 years. It has not been easy, for either of us. And then, Sunday night, a friend who is on the big trip with him, and who has an iPhone with killer international wifi capability, shared. Facetime made me possibly thank God for Steve Jobs.

I think all four of our hearts swelled to see one another. He has a few new grey hairs, but I guess facing Everest will do that.

I asked him what has been greater: the physical challenge or the internal one? He said they've been pretty equal. That means the 80 miles he's traversed on the face of the tallest mountain in the world, at times in negative degree weather, have proven as difficult as some of the inner mountains he's scaled along the way. I can only imagine.

Well, really I cant. But I am anxious - so anxious - to hear his heart, see his photos, and come to understand a bit of why this adventure has been a part of his life.

Three nights, friends, and God willing, my scruffy husband will be seated next to me in the car, the airport lights shrinking behind us.



  1. Yay! So happy for all of you that he is almost home! I can't even imagine being apart for that long not to mention being that far away in that place! Hope you share some of his experiences here...guest post maybe?

  2. What an amazing reunion you'll all be having shortly. Hang in there... I've been praying for you from afar.

  3. yaaaaay for this! so so excited for your reunion ;)