Thursday, June 09, 2011

Happy Campers, Part 2

Well, I downloaded the pics from Camera #2. Poor thing.

There were a few more worth sharing. Camera #1 broke as soon as the sun went down, so Camera #2 was on duty after dark.

Oh. And since I didn't tell you much of the dark side of the story, part of the problem was the sprinklers. They are HOA run, so I made a special call to ask that they please be delayed due to the party (normally they come on at 8 pm). An eager woman on the phone assured me that they would take care of it. Not only did they come on at 8 pm, getting our tent and all the girls' stuff wet, but they came on again THREE MORE TIMES in the following hour. Two of the sprinklers were broken, and so those created a river down the driveway, right under our fire pit and through Camp Sophie. Awesome. Thanks, HOA. You certainly did adjust them.

But somehow, chocolate and marshmallows were distracting enough for our campers not to care. Marshmallow in the hair is a sign of a good party.

Baskin-Robbins made some awesome ice cream logs from their "roll" cakes (ya know, the ones you see at Christmas time?). They did a great job at making them look like logs.

This young lad, in a very uncharacteristic move, decided to have a complete meltdown because I sang the traditional "Happy Birthday" song, instead of the repeat-after-me army sergeant "Sound-off!" version he wanted to sing. At that point in the night, I felt entitled to my song. Darn it. After all that work, I'm singing the song I WANT TO SING to my daughter. He wailed through the whole song.

And then immediately, all the candles got blown out by the wind. Here's me with some forced birthday cheer (see it?), relit candles, and one last chorus of "...happy birthdaaaaay toooo youuuu."

Someone who felt like being nicer than I did to my wailing child (I'm not even sure who it was now) remembered to let him lead his version after mine.

Since the party ran a little behind, Sophie didn't get to open her gifts until after her guests left, and we went inside. It was nearly 10 pm.

Had to show you how cute this owlie is that I got from this shop on Etsy.

Some tired campers.

One great, very memorable day.



  1. Such cute photos - and that cake is amazing!!!!

  2. What a fantastic birthday party! I'm sure your daughter loved it and will remember it for the rest of her life!

  3. these pictures are soo cute...the last one with your daughter is crazy cute...i love it!

  4. um. i love this. i love that you are the planner extrodinare in doing this for sweet sophie!! and PUHLEASE. can we video chat? i have been thinking about it for weeks…gmail has a free download- download it! let's set a date. mmkay. miss you and love you friend!

  5. I hate when I forget to turn off the sprinklers - it can sure ruin an outdoor sorry the HOA wasn't accommodating. That little owl is adorable - so sweet...and love the log cakes. Looks like such fun.

  6. looks like an awesome time! and so glad you could make the best of it despite cranky sprinklers. and another put my party planning skills to shame, if my kids had been there I'm sure I would be hearing about it for months and then I'd be hearing begging and pleading to have a happy camper party too-way to go!

  7. ok! cute! and the river is perfect for camping! you can really thank that HOA.