Friday, June 03, 2011

Why I'm not blogging

I'm missing you all this week! I'm missing reading and commenting and checking in with my blog friends!! So I wanted to let you know what I've been up to instead. My forever first born's birthday party is tomorrow and I've been up to my ears in errands and projects. Here is a sampling of what's going on....

She's having a camping-themed party, complete with hike, cook-out, s'mores, get the idea.

So. I've been wearing these a lot. My crafting jeans. I LOVE them. They are like my security blanket. They are so worn in, so soft, so perfect. The knees are already shot, so I can be sprawled out on the ground cutting fabric or whatever in them. When I put on these guys, it's business time. Well, not that business time. Never mind.

Sewing sewing sewing.

Aren't you wondering WHY I'm sewing on a brown sock? Well. It's a great craft we're doing for the party. I love it so much I'll do a tutorial on cake & cotton next week.

Here's what else I sewed. So loving the banner. It's a lot longer, you just can't see it.

And I made two super long buntings to decorate the giant tent we'll have on the grass for the girls. Right now they're clipped up to the backyard umbrella so no dogs or small people maul them.

And I ripped a zillion of these strips. She picked out all this fabric for decorating. I'll take pics.

Here's a little of what I'm NOT doing. Some of these dishes are from a party I helped Friday.

Yeah. There's a lot more that hasn't even made it out here yet. Next week's gonna be a blast.

And these darn things keep dumping out because no one can find the lid. I wanna throw them all away at this point.

So I'm closing my eyes to the messes for the time being, and I'm hanging out with these guys,

these guys,

and these guys. (My husband is so artistic. He designed these logos for our "camp" shirts. The grown ups are wearing similar ones that say "STAFF" on the back.)

Which reminds me. I have like ten more of these to iron, so I better get back to it.

I hope you have a great weekend and I'm sure I'll climb out from underneath the dishes/laundry/party-shrapnel to say hello once or twice next week.



  1. What an awesome party! And my husband and I sing that song all the time! Even if it's not really business time. Hahaha!

  2. omyheavens, leslie! i'm in love! this needs to be on a party website or something. email tomkat. miles' 1st birthday is in a few weeks and i'm busy making all sorts of fun stuff for his party as well. :) so fun!

    can't wait to see your finished product.

  3. everything looks fabulous! so excited to see pictures from the party! happy birthday to your sweet girl and hey, i miss you friend!!

  4. Wow - you are putting a lot more effort into your 9 year old bday party than I am currently planning to do for mine. :)

  5. oh, that party is gonna be so cute, Leslie. can't wait to see pictures and hear all the details! happy weekend!

  6. Wow - you are one amazing mum! Love the camping themed ideas. p.s. I really need to get myself some crafting jeans!

  7. That looks amazing and like crazy fun. Can't wait to see some more pics!

  8. wow! im super impressed! looks like its going to be a fantastic party!!! cant wait to see pics!

  9. Can you share with us how you made those awesome shirts! Wishing the birthday girl a wonderful party :)

  10. Awesome! Looks like a fun party, show us pics when you're done...and recovered ;)

  11. i hope the party was amazing. (seems like how could it not have been after all that work?) post pics soon!

    also, i tried emailing you back, but YOUR email is not activated on your profile girl! it got sent to mister "no-reply blogger" ;)