Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grace on a Thursday: in Kristy's words

Kristy is my first official friend in New Zealand. Woohoo! Reading her blog, Paisley Jade, has made me want to visit her corner of the world so badly, and, not to mention, visit her and her darling family of 6. Kristy is so creative and cute, I just love her. She can crochet nearly anything, bakes ridiculously yummy desserts, and makes it all look so darn easy. And she is one fun mama. I love her heart for her family, the world, and the Lord. She is so generous to share some thoughts on grace here today. Be sure to check out her blog too. You'll be blessed by this beautiful girl. 

Hi everyone... I’m Kristy from It’s an honour to be asked by Leslie to share on Grace on a Thursday!

Grace – such a beautiful word with so much depth and meaning.

There are so many things I could share, but I really feel to share about my journey (or should I say struggle) with feeling inadequate. This is a battle I have often come up against... as a mother, a woman, a wife and as a pastor’s wife. No matter how hard I try or how well I do, there has often been a feeling that it wasn’t quite enough, especially in the eyes of others. I think it became such a burden and struggle that at times I have just felt like giving up – not bothering to try at all anymore!

That’s where Grace comes into it. It has been so freeing to discover God’s grace for me in my everyday life. Instead of battling with my inadequacies, struggles and flaws, God’s grace means what I have and do... is enough. He steps in to fill my lacks. Instead of comparing myself to others, I see myself in God’s eyes, and it has been so freeing!

As a young mother, trying to keep on top of a busy life, I was given this scripture which gave my heart such peace...

“He will feed his flock like a shepherd. He will carry the lambs in his arms, holding them close to his heart. He will gently lead the mother sheep with their young.” Isaiah 40:11

The realisation that God sees me and my life, and that He ‘gently’ leads those with young was such a freeing revelation to me as a young mother. His grace was there for me when I needed it. All the expectations I felt from God and others melted away – He loves me just as I am, inadequacies and all.

This verse has carried on with me through my life, when I have been tired, unwell, burdened and just plain overwhelmed with situations and circumstances. Knowing that my Heavenly Father is aware of my circumstances and is loving and gentle is so freeing.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a place or room for me to develop and grow. During the hard times He is my strength, and the rest of the time, there is freedom to step out, grow, tackle challenges and develop into the woman He has called me to be. It’s so exciting to look back and see how much I have grown in areas, areas I probably wouldn’t have even dreamed of if I hadn’t rested in His grace during the tough times.

I am so thankful for His amazing grace, there for us to receive no matter what.

Be encouraged, His grace is there for you each day, and it’s a beautiful journey to walk daily in it.

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  1. Love this! woohoo P.j WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  2. great scripture. you are pretty great too!

  3. Awesome post Kristy, thanks for sharing your grace journey with us. And without grace, where would any of us be? I'm so thankful that His grace is sufficient for us ALL xx

  4. Gosh Kristy.........beautiful words xx

  5. So proud friend, so proud. You are pure awesome-ness xxx

  6. Kristy - always keeping it real, always living beautifully. x

  7. I love this. Because Im right there with ya. On Pinterest I saw a print that nailed this perfectly. It said I am enough. Praise God, we ARE ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!

  8. love your blog kristy! love this blog.. it is such a blessing to meet other sisters in Christ. blessings and love in JESUS!

  9. I LOVE that Grace quote/photo. What a wonderful thing.


  10. I need this reminder of him gently leading me with my young, I make my job as a mommy so much harder than it needs to be when I forget to follow the best leader there is!

  11. Beautifully written, thanks for sharing your heart, it's beautiful. But as I was reading I thought how I would like to hear you read it and I listen, because I bet you have a sweet accent. Blessings to you!

  12. God always puts the perfect scripture in our faces right when we need it.
    "He will gently lead the mother sheep with their young.
    ...what a wonderful, encouraging thing to remember.

    I love finding other women out here in the blog world that put their Faith in the Lord out there to witness and rejoice.

  13. You had me at "crochet." Great guest post. I'll be checking out your blog soon!