Sunday, September 11, 2011

School beginnings

Happy Monday, friends!

Last week, my kids had their first two days of school! I know, our district starts a wee bit later than most, but what a fun and full couple of days it was.

While fall is my least favorite season (because it is the gloomy ending to my favorite one), I do love back to school. To me, that is a season in and of itself.

And to celebrate this brief, happy season of fresh backpacks, nervous energy, Target trips and school supplies (mmm, how I LOVE them), I bought myself these after I drove out of the school parking lot. Alone.

I considered them my prizes, awarded for a summer well spent. ;) That green straw is such a sweet treat. And I've been eyeing this CD for a month.

Hey! You noticed! I did NOT opt for my usual "grandeblackicedteainaventicupextraicenosweetner." I got my second favorite - the passion tea/lemonade concoction. And this time, check it out, the short-hand on the cup is PTL. I do not actually EVER use this acronym to mean "Praise the Lord" as I've seen it used over the years. It seems so 1980's. But seeing those three letters, I was reminded by our friends at Starbucks to do just that. See how they are encouraging us to praise the Lord? That's one more reason you should go there and order a PTL. Also, it's yummy.

Here are a few glimpses from inside the classrooms on day one. I loved Amy's pics of her little buddy on day one of 1st grade, so I sorta copied. Amy, you are just too inspiring not to copy. 

A classroom just isn't a classroom without a calendar wall like this one. Am I right?

This is a happy corner.

The science text book on his desk had to be immediately opened and read. Backpack still on.

"MOM! This book has facts about animals in it!"  School is so cool, isn't it buddy?

A very organized teacher had these ready for her kids. What promise inside those special boxes! (Even alphabetized? I'm impressed.)

If we thought day one was fun, look how day two started. These guys are my fav.

Their smiles and energy for a new year are making those early mornings more bearable.

I had way too many back to school pics to share with you today. So I put some of them here. If you want to see my special Back to School display that I made the night before day one, check it out on my other blog, Cake & Cotton. It's one that makes me really happy, and is a good reflection of our love for books and learning in our home.

Let's be honest. I sorta want to still be in elementary school myself.



  1. So glad to see you're back online. Did you get my text about whats going on here? Its terrible. Now theres ecoli in our drinking water and yesterday it poured again for hours. Hubby is going today to start helping people in the area cleanup and try to remove their valuables from their homes. Looters are starting in. National Guard here and everything. Please keep our neighbors in your prayers!

  2. i think today for this reason alone, i will go order a PTL!
    gotta love it.

  3. I've never had a PTL from Starbucks-it's hot today, so that just might need to happen! :) (and I love how God writes his story everywhere! we just have to look for it)

  4. happy school year!

    i heart organized teachers. i need her to come organize me.


    you can bring it back and make it "old skool" cool.