Friday, February 24, 2012

Insta-Friday, Valentine's recap

Well, I remembered for the second time in two months to link up for Insta-Friday with Jeannett!

Here is a flashback recap of our Valentine's Day family dinner, a tradition around these parts (that I wrote about here).

LOOK at these pretties. They are better than Sprinkles cupcakes, and are made by my friend!

She has super secret recipes and sells her specialties strictly in order to support the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research. She is incredible. My fave on this platter was the chocolate peanut butter ones, but my not-featured fave is her salted caramel cupcakes. If you live in Orange County and need cupcakes, I have a sweet, super-inexpensive hook up!

Once in a great while, I remember that I have my grandma's china high up in a cabinet I never open. I decided to bust it out. I really love it.

I didn't register for any for my wedding because hers was basically what I would have chosen. And now that I no longer have my grandma around, it's even more special. I should use it all the time.

This dish holds a donut, because my little guy hates cupcakes. For his last birthday, he had a donut pyramid instead of a cake. Every year, we have to get creative: what will he like that can also hold some candles?? (Hint: this May, we're lookin' at churros.)

My family always requests Chicken Pot Pie for special dinners, but this year, we switched it up and I made Shepherd's Pie for the first time. Ya know...mashed potatoes spread on top of a ground beef and veggie stew? It was a hit. Yay for hits.

And here's me. After the cooking, cleaning, and decorating which took most of my day, I was tired. But in keeping with tradition, which is dressing up a bit for V-day dinner as well, I busted out a bit of remaining energy to fluff up my hair, and put on lipstick and a necklace. (I still resisted the mascara, as you can see.) Just that little effort actually made me feel energized to celebrate love with my people. It was all so worth it. This was one of those nights where nothing dramatic or disastrous actually happened. Amazing, right?

Last but not least, check out this card I gave to my cupcake-maker friend to say thanks....

I love it. And I did. (TMI?)



  1. Hi Leslie!
    Stopping by from LifeRearranged...I am LOVING the heart shaped dish you used for the Shepherd's pie. Where did you get it from?

    PS. the card is hilarious!

  2. LOL!
    your grandmothers china is gorgeous.

  3. the card. And you're beautiful. Happy weekend!

  4. that card is hilarious...just goes to show that you should always be prepared! ;)

    and those cupcakes, oh my...yum! I have a ton of valentine pics from our fancy dinner....that are still waiting on my camera to be dealt with, I think I just figured out what to do with my weekend :)

  5. cute! not tmi- get it girl!

  6. gorgeous china. I want to try shepherd's pie in a heart, so cute.
    you ARE gorgeous.