Monday, February 06, 2012

It's never quiet in my head

The other day, we were in the car, and out of the blue, my husband asked me, "Is there ever a time where you are not thinking about something?" I quickly said, "No." Because it's never quiet in my head. He said that sounded like a nightmare. Okay. Well, it's where I live.
And I think that's why I can't decide what to blog about at the moment. So many good options are swirling. (Here comes list #1)

The Star Wars makeover in my son's room.
Parenting issues that I want to ask you all about.
My thoughts on my new phone, how it's interfering with my life and also really fun.
My love/hate relationship with the XBox we got for Christmas.
The new linky I want to start on thankfulness to close out each month.
My 2 year blogaversary which is like in a day or two (or maybe I missed it already).
The fact that I really wanted to link up with Erin and Ashley today with a vlog but my voice is hoarse from a cold, and I forgot about it.
My thoughts on words and love and Valentine's Day that I had as I washed out the dinner dishes tonight.

So I'm picking none of the above because it feels overwhelming, and I'm going to give you a little taste of other random stuff that fits in none of those categories, but is worth sharing. (Here comes list #2)

Did you watch this vlog by my bestie Shauna? She is the bomb at the No Heat Curls. You need to try it like yesterday.

Here is me waiting for that magic to happen.

I wanted a set of these Valentine placemats at Pottery Barn Kids, but they were pricey for thin pieces of printed foam. Mmm hmm. So my smartie mom suggested I buy only two and make two more to match. Yesss, good idea mommy. I traced one of the hearts onto double layers of heavy red ticking stripe fabric I already had, and top stitched them together after sticking some red lace in between the layers. It took minutes.

Also, look at this picture. I love it. My husband brings praise into our home. (And I'm guessing he's able to because it's not so noisy in his head and so he can make room for something so beautiful even at the end of the night.) Thank you husband. I love that my kids have this.

And here's something I need to share. That I don't want to share. Guacamole, that is.

And after feeling resentful that the cup was so small and I'd have to give most of it to my kids, I made the executive decision to BUY MYSELF another one. I guess I've never considered it before because guacamole is not cheap. But my perspective changed. Paying nearly $2.00 for guacamole is pricey. But paying nearly $2.00 for a happier heart after a day of parenting by myself and managing a child who started to cry because the choice of restaurant was Chipotle ("It's my most hated one!" = news to me, but we were already there, hungry, and tired) IS A STEAL, I tell you!

Moral of the story: Free yourself. Get your own. Because I know you mommies. I am one. It is not easy to share every single thing with our children, without complaining, including our own bodies. Daily. You deserve your own guacamole. 
Finally, this is my kids' new favorite thing to watch over and over. The Ewok dog is a hit at our house. As is anything affiliated with Ewoks.

Hope you're having a great day today.



  1. Aw missed you today but I hope you are feeling better!

  2. Oh my goodness! I don't share guacamole either! In fact, my amazing neighbor has us over for dinner *every* Monday night (since our foster boys came in September). Tonight she had made a bowl of guac for just me. Pure bliss, I tell you!

  3. oh goodness, i love this! I should have gone with the $2 cup of coffee yesterday. Instead, my coping mechanism was stopping at goodwill and spending $20. :/
    And when my hair gets long enough, I am totally trying those no heat curls!!! :)

  4. i think that's why i am so terrible at blogging. i have SO MUCH to say but can never decide on one thing so it translates into never knowing what to say.

    the family i babysit for got an xbox for christmas. i hate it when they ask to play it, i kinda love it when they do play it, and then i hate it the rest of the time.

  5. Ok so your comments about your never quiet mind? Totally me. Its a downfall because Im always thinking of things to blog about but then get overhwelmed by it all and I end up staying quiet. It drives me crazy.
    The no heat curls have been a big hit ever since you and Shauna gave us the IRL tute in September. Obviously, my hair isnt long enough to do it yet but I do it on G and it brings out her natural curls wonderfully.

  6. 1. My mom bought miles and baby girl those placemats and left the price sticker on them and I was appalled.

    2. I don't love chipotle either. But I'll try the guac.

    3. I am gonna do miles' big boy room (in like a year) in star wars. Show pics soon, please.

  7. i need to try the no heat curls. my hair is naturally curly so i'm super curious as to what'll happen.

    my mind is never quiet. it's so bad that i can hardly sleep at night. i wish i could at least slow it down. i recently tried to convince the dr. that i had adult adhd. he laughed.

    we can't wait to go see star wars in 3D my husband thinks my boys and i are the biggest nerds. but whatever i'll wave my nerd flag proud. i love sci-fi.
    cute commercial.

    ok i think this was the longest comment i've ever written.

  8. No. I never ever want to share my guac. Never, and it seems like there's not enough to go around whenever I make it. And it absolutely kills me that its so much when we're eating out.
    And, like you it is hardly ever ever quiet in my head either. That's one reason I love my long runs, they're they only place where my mind quiets down.

  9. I think all the time, too. It would be good if we had on/off switches!

    We make the best guac over here. Wish I could package some up and send it to you!! :)

  10. my husband and i have had the conversation you and your husband had but the opposite version. me: what are you thinking about? michael: nothing. me: nothing?!?! you have to be thinking about something. michael: really, i'm thinking about nothing. me: i wish i could do that! i'm ALWAYS thinking about something. multiple somethings!

    i love to play my guitar and worship because it causes me to scale down and think on the ONE something that stills my mind (as much as that's possible.

    i've curled emilie's hair with no heat. so curly!

    i should buy my own guac. i don't. i should. and my kids do the i like to eat at this or that place one moment and hate it the next. when they're paying they can have an opinion. that's how i roll. i should roll that way with my own guac!