Friday, February 03, 2012

Salvaged (and introducing my new shop)

I've been busy with a new idea. And a new shop.

I've been salvaging things. Collecting bits of vintage here and there and giving them new life. The word "repurposing" is perfect because each piece I make reminds me of something very important:

By the grace of God, we can all be repurposed goods.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says,

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come."

That inspires me. Paul is saying "Behold!" In other words, "Pay attention to this: the new has come!" God takes old, tattered, purposeless lives and makes them new. Alive. Valuable. Full of promise. Isn't that incredible?

Just like I may find an abandoned treasure, He finds us.

He calls us by name, in tremendous love.

And when we entrust our lives to Him, He gives us a beautiful, honorable purpose. 

The purpose He intended for us from the start.  

My simple creations seek to reflect His heart. In a small way, in my small world, I want to share that message.

How fitting that my shop, salvage517 (named for the verse above), is opening now, in February, as we celebrate love. I think any work of redemption must start with love. So my first four one-of-a-kind creations, this time all hoop art, are themed especially for the season. (And in a week or so, I'll bring out more stuff.)

Enjoy, friends. And thank Jesus today if He's repurposed you.




  1. i love this! i love the name of it and the meaning and everything. i did get your package when i arrived late last night. thank you SO MUCH leslie. i am wearing my socks now. would you even believe that i have this thing for socks? good call on that one. :)

    this is the post:

    hope you are enjoying the glimpses of grace. i have a copy too :)she's brilliant.

  2. Well you'd better believe Im heading over there right now. Love the name, love the idea, LOVE what Im seeing above.
    Funny, I almost texted you to ask when you would announce your shop. Ive been dying to check it out.
    Have a wonderful weekend friend:)

  3. Leslie!! This is the verse I'm using for my shop too!! :) Everything I make is coming from old clothes, sheets, whatever was going to be junked, now made into treasure. I love the parallel of "making all things new." Hooray! Love love love your hoop art. Absolutely beautiful :)

  4. Really inspiring. Thanks for stepping out with this. I look forward to your creations.

  5. Best Wishes Leslie! Your pieces are beautiful.

  6. i really love what you've created, and the meaning behind it all.
    i'm thanking the Lord for my new life this morning.
    i can't even imagine where i would be without Him.
    thank you, Jesus!

  7. woo hoo! LOVE everything about this! your hoops are gorgeous too!

  8. I love this story behind your shop. And I needed to hear it. God has been teaching me about repurposing my life this past year.

    I pray your are abundantly blessed in your new venture as you create and bless others. :)

  9. I love this, and the meaning behind it...what an exciting season for you! Praying for favor and success and inspiration as your pursue a new thing...and yes, those hoops are beautiful!

  10. Leslie, I love them and the name of your shop. You are so creative and I knew it was going to be good no matter what it was.:)

  11. love this! praying for blessings for all through your creative shop. xo

  12. love it and the Inspiration behind it too.

    going to check out your shop. may God grow your shop for His glory.