Sunday, February 13, 2011

Don't be jealous

Last night, my man and I celebrated Valentine's Day with an at-home-after-the-kids-go-to-bed date.

It was way better than a restaurant. Primarily because my husband is an AMAZING cook. He volunteered to make me dinner. {I think someday he should go to culinary school.}

This is what he made: 

Well first, he made me a bouquet of red roses. He cut them, put them in a vase, and then made a mini-version for my daughter. Wow. Should I stop right there? I know, you're already jealous.

Then, he made the very best ever in the whole wide world wedge salad with blue cheese, lemon-marinated onion, bacon crumbles (the turkey kind, because he knows me), grape tomatoes, and homemade dressing.

Then, mashed potatoes with rosemary butter, grilled baby asparagus, and the most perfect fillet mignon

Then he made a fire in the fireplace

This is what I made: 

Um...well, I made myself really pretty..???

I also made THIS, the best Valentine's playlist ever (or at least until next year when I like all different songs). Wow, it was amazing mood music. You can steal it.

Then I made a nice dinner spot at the coffee table, next to the crackling fire. We sat on my big, over sized faux fur throw pillows. {I had to push the dog off of mine once or twice. He thought I had made him a cozy spot by the fire. Sorry, Callahan.}

Let me just say it was heavenly. 

I was so spoiled.

I love LOVE, and I love my sweet guy and the way he loves me.

What are you doing with your sweetie for Valentine's?


  1. yall are so sweet, love this...

  2. Awwww, how perfect! Better than any crowded restaurant, that's for sure! My husband and I spent a quiet night with some ice cream (he knows me well....) Yay for Valentine's Day!

  3. Sounds wonderful! Looks like the perfect way to spend Valentine's!