Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Over HERE today!


Today you can find me at Casey's blog

This girl is a beautiful, amazingly talented artist, mommy to two babies, lover of great style, and writer of an awesome blog that is seriously catching on. Especially, I hear, with new mommies. You should for sure check it out and click follow, since you will like her. (And her recent post on swimsuits! Someone has summer on her mind and that makes me feel like it's gonna be here soon! Thank you for that hope, friend!)

So Casey asked me to write a post about some lessons I learned as a new mom, and so I did. Actually, I wrote about what I think is probably the most important lesson I learned as a new mom:

How to let go of my head knowledge (or dodge it from others) when an opinion or a book or a theory on parenting is standing in the way of trusting my God (who is a way better parent than I am).

That was really hard for me when I had a little baby in my arms, the most ginormous responsibility I'd ever had. Really hard for me to surrender my ideas in favor of God's.
(He's tricky because sometimes He disagrees with me. I'm tricky because sometimes I try to talk Him into agreeing. That never works.)

So THANK YOU Casey for featuring my words and a bit of my personal story.
You are awesome!


  1. thanks for sharing your story on casey's blog. and thank you for being real and honest. to say 'it's refreshing' to read about persevering through trials and letting God ultimately be in control is putting it very lightly. thank you!!

  2. you are THE sweetest! and totally bless me. you have no idea!!!!! I have already had all kinds of people saying fabulous things about you OF COURSE!!!!! LOVE TO YOU FRIEND!