Friday, February 11, 2011

happy anniversary, little blog

Today, February 11th, my little corner of the blog world turns one. Yes, it's my one year anniversary of blogging! It's so strange, actually. I had no idea what I was getting into. I had no idea what would come of that leap. Some friends encouraged me to start, and I really had no idea what it meant. I didn't know any of you, for one. And I didn't have a clue as to how God would begin to work in and through me on the internet.

And so for my anniversary, I debated about what to write. A lot of bloggers review their favorite posts, sort of a "best of" reflection. I liked that idea. I have some favorite posts, to be sure. And then I thought I'd walk through my own stages of blogging, from my super ugly first header (which included a random photo of me in front of what looked like a prison, wearing a sweatshirt I indeed sleep in in the wintertime), through the growth and experience and relationships I've gained. But you can read about that for yourself, really. Though not bad, none of those anniversary post ideas were speaking to me.

But this is. I want you to know something. I need you to know it.

I can go back to most of the posts I've written over this past year and be quickly sucked back into the emotion behind that post. I remember the feeling, but I often don't remember the words. I often don't really understand how I strung those words together to communicate what it says. And I am often brought to tears by what they say. I'm totally serious. My friend Julie has a link on her blog to this post of mine. Because of that, over 600 people have read that one post. That is shocking to me. I went back the other day to try to recall what I even wrote, and by the end I was in tears. What those emotions and tears reminded me is that these are God's words. I am merely a pawn in His fingertips.

His truth, in all its bloggy pixelated beauty, continues to minister to me, help me, speak to my heart, remind me of His unquenchable, unreasonable, incomprehensible love. His words never expire. And that brings me to tears. These posts (not including the ones on Tron and how I want a Corvette) are a compilation of God's words to me. And to you. Most of it truly doesn't feel like my words at all.

This little blog is an ever-changing, living account of God's work in my life, spilling out through my keyboard, reaching your eyes, trickling into your heart and saying the exact thing God wants you to hear when you need to hear it. Many different people may read many different things through the words. The message for you is what God wants it to be. And when something you read jumps out at you, whether it's on top of the page or anywhere else, when you get a lump in your throat, or think "Wow, this was just what I needed today," you can know that God knew that. It's not an accident or a coincidence. He sees you, He sees me, and He desperately wants us to get it:

He is love.

We can't hear it too many times. And if top of the page ever ceases to help the both of us "get it," then someone let me know, because that's when it needs to be shut down.

In I Samuel, chapter 7, in the Bible, God helps the Israelites by holding back their enemies in a battle. In fact, God throws the enemy side into panic with "a mighty voice of thunder." (Can you imagine that?) Samuel is in charge, and after the victory, as an act of gratitude, he builds a meager altar to the Lord. He sets up a stone and names it "Ebenezer," which means "a stone of help," and at the altar, he declares, "Thus far, the Lord has helped us."

Today, I'm declaring the same. Thus far, the Lord has helped us. I'm so grateful that He's helped us through this little blog, and through my words offered up. Thank you, Lord, for being mighty in our battles. Thank you for seeing us and hearing our cries. Thank you for this past year of your loving help.


  1. happy anniversary! you are exactly right about your blog. you know that your words [God's words] have helped me, that's for sure. thank you for diligently and intentionally writing them down here for us to share and benefit from. God is doing a work here at "top of the page" and you are quick to give Him all the praise.

    [i just read your post "the art of lifting". beautiful. so true and so beautiful.]

  2. Precious! The heart expressed here is why we are all here! Thank you for being a conduit of His Love to those you touch. And the ripples go out beyond your ability to see.

  3. happy day to you&your lovely blog!

    am going to email you later today...the yerkoviche's are having another marriage conference at the end of march which we'll be going to....i'll email you the info incase you and your husband might want to go.

    happy friday!

  4. happy blog-anniversary, leslie. thank you for sharing your heart and letting us into your life a few words at a time.

  5. Happy Blog-anniversary...this new follower thanks you for all those God inspired words!
    Have a happy day

  6. you have me crying everytime friend!

  7. i love you and your blog. you are such an inspiration to me! so thankful our paths crossed in this crazy blog world. you are precious, friend!