Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love for Faith Blogs

 I'm a little excited.

Over the weekend, I found out that
top of the page is now on faith blogs!

(see the sidebar button??)

I'm featured in the "Faith & Family" category as well as the "Heartfelt" category.

And even cooler than that is all the OTHER really great blogs you can find there!

I have discovered some really awesome ones. And I found two friends were already there too.

You know Danielle, right?  She's amazing and funny and loves the color mustard yellow. That's why I put her name in that color. She also really likes lipstick. We're faith blogs neighbors under "Faith & Family".
You know I heart you, Danielle!

And then there's Rachel. She has a special place in her heart for Jesus, all things vintage, and Mary Poppins. She has great taste and an even greater heart.

 And here is a new fav of mine: Megan. She had me at the header. Whatintheworld. Graph paper, stitching, all my favorite colors, the subway map, birds...what is she trying to do to me??
 I loved it all so much. And then I read her words.
Love every bit. 
You should check out faith blogs, and these three ladies, if you don't already know them. So much coolness, I can't believe I get to be beside them!
I also have an opportunity, being a part of Faith Blogs, to submit posts for being featured on their own blog. I thought I'd ask you friends for some input. Any posts you remember that either spoke to you or stick out in your mind that you think I should submit? 
Have a great Monday, all!
{I had a great teachable moment with my big girl tonight. I'll be sharing that later this week.}



  2. Beautiful blogs Leslie!
    Thanks for pointing me in their direction!!
    Have a happy night

  3. i love you, friend! thinking of you as i am writing out my post right now :)