Thursday, February 24, 2011

A snowy day

A couple of weekends ago, when California was the only place in the country being super stingy on the snow, we tried to find some. We only found a little.

But we had a lovely weekend.

I love breaking out the winter gear if only for a few days.

I was way overdressed. Even in the mountains, it was nearly 50 degrees. But of course, I had to give my cute snow accessories a chance to shine.

Here are some things I'm loving.

Cute smirks.

I love this picture. And the mountain man stubble.

Cute snow bunnies.

Cute snow engineers.

(Wow, are those snowball makers the bomb or what? Some friends brought them along.)

And this is one of my favorite photos. I don't know what kind of tree this is, do you? Look at how beautiful it was against the winter white backdrop.

Signs of life and love and hope amongst the chill.

And though the wintery weekend was fun, I still prefer this kind of skiing, myself.

Driftwood poles, slopes of sand, and warmth.

Doens't that sound lovely?

Here's to the next ski day.

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  1. that looks like a fun snow day! :)

  2. so fun....and I'm loving your beanie!!! Your accessories WERE cute! hahaha

  3. ah, yes. a weekend i will always remember. when we took our relationship to the next level. aka texting.

    love you, friend.

  4. Cool tree. And this is random, but I love your hair color. My 6-month-old has a dusting of red hair. Hope it turns out like yours.

  5. That beautiful tree is a Manzanita. They grow like weeds where I come from in Northern California. Looks like a fun day!