Sunday, March 27, 2011

Can you pronounce Habakkuk?

Me neither.

Can you find Habakkuk in the Bible?

Me neither.

It is only 2 pages long. I can never find it.

But I love this verse. It is the last verse in the very short book.

This verse inspired the book I wrote about here.

It is one of my favorites of all time, which is why this verse means so much to me.

You should go to the bookstore and buy it.

Then read it.

Right now. 

Or click here. That's easier and doesn't use any of that super expensive gas in your car.

Happy Sunday, friends.
I have good stuff to share this week!


  1. Love that verse Leslie. Have a wonderful Sunday. I hope its a restful one for you:)

  2. Wonderful verse! Happy Sunday, dear!

  3. love that scripture and now i want to read that book.