Monday, March 14, 2011

My lovely weekend

I had a lot of lovely in my weekend.

I finished painting my kitchen, which started last week. You can see some early stages of the project here. I don't hate painting. And I ADORE the color. You may not adore it. It's a little crazy, I know. But just trust me, k? It's amazing. It is exactly the color of the inside of a ripe avocado. And avocados are yummy in my tummy and on my walls. Goodbye beige.

My cutie black glasses that I found at a flea market last weekend will be filled with some cool mossy something soon.

The best part was hanging my new valance. One friend with really good taste made me an apron out of this fabric. Then she suggested I make it into a valance. She has some great ideas. I lucked out on the rod, on clearance for $9.97.

Doesn't pom pom fringe make everything better? I attempted a box pleat too. The preppy in me loves box pleats. Especially on wedding gowns. Inverted box pleats are equally lovely.

Being able to paint a bold color on your walls is one benefit of having a small kitchen. It looks so great with my black granite counters and cherryish dark wood cabinets.

Back to my weekend. Today something UNlovely, called waking up at 6:30 a.m. on the Sunday of the spring time change to make it to a swim meet by 7:30, resulted in other kinds of lovely.

Like this.

Little bunnies who wake up that early get hot chocolate from McDonalds on the way.

And get to bring their blankies.

More of my lovely.

Me doing my jobs. Finding out when and where we need to be.

Very lovely. My little princess got first place in one of her heats. She was absolutely ecstatic. No one knows that I got a little choked up.

Thank the Lord for the sunshine which finally came out around 9.

These photos felt like my reward for getting up in the dark. Especially this one.

This was their reward. One was rewarded for a day-well-swum, and one for a lot of happy-hearted patience.

Hope you found some lovely in your weekend too!

I'm linking up today with Heather at Life Made Lovely Monday!
{I reallllly love her featured post today too, btw}



  1. Wow, your kitchen looks great so far. Can't wait to see more.
    And the swim meet...can't even imagine getting in a pool about now, it's 32 out!! Swimming sounds really lovely to me!:)
    Have a happy day

  2. The photo of your little girl crouching by the pool is just breathtaking. Stunning! Amazing!

  3. so sweet & I must say your hair color is just breathtaking! its seriously beautiful friend!

  4. Avocado colored walls??? I LOVE it! Really the the pom pom fringe, too. Great style, Leslie!

  5. I love Shauna. I love the new color on your walls. And I flippin LOVE that valance. Pom Pom fringe is just the icing on the cake:)

  6. what a super-dee-super fun space you're creating just for YOU - i think that fabric is SO great - i'm all for charming eclectic tid-bits like that!

    popp'n over from heathers - here's my link:


  7. sounds like a fun weekend. that photo of your daughter poolside- looks like a scene from a movie, like a real professional one!

    is that fabric one continuous piece? with the polka dots and the yellow stripes and the busses all on one bolt? i love it! huge score on the rod, btw, they're so expensive?

  8. I love the pics!!! And the wall color is wonderful! On a sunny day I bet it just glows.....And YES pom pom trim DOES make everything better!! I agree....:)

  9. oh forheavensake...that is awesome!
    your "friend" must be a genius...and also pretty and smelling good all the time, and super good at spelling and always patient with her kids and super nice to her husband and everyone must just love her, huh?
    am i right?
    (oh gosh! i am so funny...i mean..."she" must be super funny too...)

  10. I LOVE the kitchen color!!

  11. How fun is your kitchen?!?! And, congrats to your daughter for doing so well at her swim meet! You must be one proud Mom!

  12. I love your curtains!!! So cute. What a fun print.

  13. I'm a new follower from Faith Blogs. I'm really enjoying the blog. The kitchen looks great and the curtains are SO cute! Congrats for going with a bold color.
    Congrats also to your daughter.
    Thanks for writing such an enjoyable blog.

  14. A. Please come paint my piano room. With all of it's trim and woodwork I need your no-tape, mad brush skillz to combat my messy, hurrying A.D.D. lack of skillz.
    B. I found my Trabuco Hills parka. You know, if you want to borrow it. Swim meets can get cold and all of the cool kids wear parkas.
    C. Parents of swimmers deserve medals for even surviving the endless boredom that is watching you kid compete only thirty seconds each hour, and entertaining the non swimmer kid the rest of the time. I think around age ten my parents totally ditched me each weekend to go to my brother's more manageable two hour soccer/ baseball/ basketball/ football games. But if they would have received medals, maybe they would have stayed with me.

  15. i love the color! we're moving next = fresh canvas. can't wait to paint! this inspired me all the more. and swimming mamas are saints! ;)